About 21st Century

UNTV's series of 12 x 26' news-magazine programmes puts a spotlight on the world's most underreported stories. Each episode features 2-3 character-driven, human interest stories that reflect some of the most important issues affecting the world, and our lives today. Our cameras offer unique and often unparalleled access to people and places and stay to bring you the stories as they unfold over time, long after other news outlets leave. From the child labour situation in Tanzania to the woman's struggle in Afghanistan, from the poverty streets in Somalia to the frontline of the guerilla war in Colombia, this series brings home the stories viewers care about, but rarely see. Presented as a fully-packaged programme, and also available by feature segment (approximately 8' each), 21st Century incorporates narrative storytelling with balanced, accurate reporting and is adaptable to local languages. Currently over 90 global broadcasters air the programme, which has won nearly 20 prestigious film and television awards, including an Emmy nomination, AIB's Gold Medial Aawrd, CNN Best Feature Award and at the New York Festivals.