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UN Photo Frequently Asked Questions

What are the technical specifications for the high-resolution digital photos?
Digital UN photos are in JPEG format with the following size and resolution: approximately 8" x 10" at 300 DPI.
How can I download high-resolution digital photos?
Please note that your web browser must have JavaScript enabled in order to download the photo files. To request high-resolution photos, you must be a registered user. Please read the Why should I register? section and then start the registration process. Registration is free and only takes a moment to complete. After registering, you will be emailed a temporary password that will enable you to log in and download high-resolution photos.
If you are already a registered user, simply log in to begin. To request UN photos that are not available on this web site, please contact the Photo Library.
Why should I register?
By registering with UN Photo, you will be able to download high-resolution versions of every photo on the UN Photo site. Your registration also helps the UN Photo Library to provide better service to its clients and improve its offerings in the future. Also, after registering with UN Photo, you will also be registered automatically with the UN Radio family of web sites. Registration is free.
What should I do if I forgot my password?
Please complete the password assistance form.
Do I have to pay for the high-resolution digital photos?
The digital photos are available free of charge. However, fees are applicable, based on the intended use of photos. Click here for information on charges and fees.
How do I pay if there are charges?
Please contact the Photo Library.
Where are the Permission and Invoice forms for my request?
Please contact the Photo Library.
What are UN photo reference numbers?
All UN photos are assigned unique identifying reference numbers. When requesting photos, users are asked to provide these photo reference numbers, if known.
How do I request a photo that is unavailable on the UN photo website?
Contact the Photo Library. Indicate photo reference number(s) if available, or give as much information as possible - dates, names, events, etc. to help the photo research process.
How do I report problems on the web site?
Please report problems by contacting the Photo Library.
Do you provide UN Logos and UN Maps?
The Photo Library cannot provide UN logos and/or UN maps or issue permission for their use. For information on UN logo see: http://www.un.org/depts/dhl/maplib/flag.htm For information on UN maps see: http://www.un.org/Depts/Cartographic/english/htmain.htm
Where do I find information regarding employment with the United Nations?
The Photo Library does not answer inquiries regarding employment with the United Nations. For vacancies at the UN, including in photo related fields, see https://careers.un.org/lbw/Home.aspx.
How do I contact the Photo Library?

UN Photo Library
Department of Global Communication
402 East 42nd Street
United Nations, S-11 West
New York, NY 10017
Phone: 212-963-0034
Click here to e-mail the Photo Library

Visits to the Photo Library:
(Please contact us in advance)
11th floor, West side
United Nations Headquarters
New York, NY 10017