Usage Guidelines

UN audio and video files may be used to further the aims and work of the United Nations. They cannot be used for advertising, marketing or in ways which are inconsistent with the Organization's mission. UN audiovisual files cannot be altered, sold or redistributed.


UN footage is not in the public domain, therefore, any use of the footage must be authorized by the United Nations and a license agreement must be signed between the UN and the requesting client. Depending on the use of the contents, licensing fees may apply.

Please see the UN Copyright and Terms of Usage for additional information.


Low-resolution audio recordings can be downloaded from this website free of charge. However, in order to obtain a high-resolution version for professional productions, service and licensing fees may apply.

Base Prices for Services and Products

All prices are in US dollars.

  1. Research:

    Flat fee: US$100.00 (Long-term research)

  2. Dubbing/Licensing: Video

    Dubbing base price for a Digital File Link (MPEG2, MPEG4, H264) or DVD: US$80.00 (up to 30 min.) For every additional 30 minutes there is an extra charge of US$25.00 dollars.

    Licensing fees by Region, Category, and Length:

    • USA/Canada

    TV Networks/Commercial Use (Worldwide rights) US$15.00/sec.; (National rights) US$10.00/sec. (minimum 30 sec.)

      Public TV/Independent Producers (Worldwide rights) US$9.00/sec.; (National rights) US$7.00/sec. (minimum 30 sec.)

      • South America/Europe/Asia/Africa/Australia

      TV Networks/Commercial Use (Worldwide rights) US$8.00/sec.; (National rights) US$6.00/sec. (minimum 30 sec.)

        Public TV/Independent Producers (Worldwide rights) US$7.00/sec.; (National rights) US$5.00/sec. (minimum 30 sec.)


        There are currently no charges for downloading recently uploaded low resolution audio files (mp3). To receive a file link for High Resolution audio files we charge a US$25.00 base fee and US$2.00/sec. (minimum 30 sec.) for licensing in a commerical production.

      • On-Demand Delivery and Digitization of Historic Audiovisual Materials:

        Currently, all digitization requests for archival items must be handled through external vendors and these costs must be carried by the client. For delivery of items from our off-site storage facility, it costs US$25.00/item (can be an entire box of tapes, or one can of film). For digitization, costs vary depending on the vendor. The cost for delivery media (hardrive, LTO tapes etc.) will be charged back to the client at commercial rates. Please communicate with an AV Library Client Service Representative for additional information.


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