Into the Vault: 75 Years of UN Audiovisual Heritage - Episode 2

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02-Jun-2021 00:04:44
“Into the Vault: 75 Years of UN Audiovisual Heritage” is a quarterly video series exploring important aspects of the United Nations’ history through selected use of newly digitized materials from the audiovisual archive.

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Episode Two of “Into the Vault: 75 Years of UN Audiovisual Heritage” explores the most widely known of the UN's six main organs - the Security Council.

Showcasing picturesque moments, questioning myths, and highlighting important resolutions, this episode provides insight into the workings of the Organization’s most recognizable body with the use of newly digitized film and video footage, audio recordings, and photos from the UN audiovisual archive.

Forthcoming episodes will illuminate the other main organs of the UN, continuing to draw from the wealth of archival materials recently made accessible thanks to an ongoing mass digitization effort funded by the Government of the Sultanate of Oman.
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UN Audiovisual Library, Producer; UN Video, Producer; Andrea Ocampo, Producer.
Andrea Ocampo, Editor; Jeff Brandsted, Videographer; Celso Rezaba, Researcher; Greg Zeichner, Researcher; Ilona Auth, Presenter.
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