494th, 518th, 525th, 526th, 527th Meetings of Security Council

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01-Nov-1950 00:10:46
The Security Council discusses the complaint of aggression upon the Republic of Korea and a report from General MacArthur on Chinese Communist Military Intervention in Korea at the 494th, 518th, 525th, 526th, 527th meetings.

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494th Meeting – 1 September 1950:
1. President Sir Gladwyn Jebb (UK) taking Chair, holding gavel. Nameplate. President, “United Kingdom”. Various shots before opening of meeting: delegates shaking hands, in conversation, being photographed by still photographers. (Pres. Jebb, U.N. Secretary General Trygve Lie, Yakov Malik from USSR, Warren Austin from US, others). General view of Security Council Chamber during meeting 115 115;

518th Meeting – 6 November 1950:
2. cs, mcu, cu, Warren Austin (US, npl.) reading. Special Report from Gen. MacArthur on Chinese Communist Military Intervention in Korea (not marked, no verbatim record available) 213 98;
3. ms, Slow pan shot across Council table with delegates listening to Austin 264 51;

525th Meeting – 27 November 1950:
4. mcu, Pan from President Ales Bebler (Yugoslavia) – npls. – to Sir Benegal Rau (India, npl.) speaking. (Not marked, verbatim record not available) 304 40;
5. ms, Pres. Bebler (npls.) inviting (in French) representative of People’s Republic of China to take seat at Council table. Pan to General Wu Hsiu-Chuan (PRC) taking seat at Council table 380 76;
6. ms, Ben C. Limb (Republic of South Korea) taking a seat at Council table 411 31;
7. mcu, Gen. Wu at Council table listening, npl. 437 26;
527th Meeting – 28 November 1950:
8. ms, Gen. Wu speaking in Chinese. (Not marked verbatim record nor available) 516 79;
9. ms, mcu, cu Silent shots of other representatives of People’s Rep. of China listening. 561 45.
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