Cornerstone Laying Ceremony - Reel 1

Cornerstone Laying Ceremony - Reel 1
Silent coverage of UNHQ construction and sound coverage of the cornerstone laying ceremony at the 237th plenary meeting of the General Assembly’s fourth session.

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UNHQ Construction – 3 August, 1949 – Silent Coverage
1. Steel frame of Secretariat building partly erected – crane in operation – Tilt down from sign “1st Ave- E. 44” to traffic on 1st Avenue and lower part of framework. 87 87
UNHQ Construction – 5th October, 1949 – Silent Coverage.
2. Ceremony of hoisting UN flag atop completed steel structure of Secretariat building. UN Secretary General Trygve Lie, Warren Austin (US) and members of 16 nation HQ Advisory Committees holding UN flag – Flag being hoisted atop 39 story steel structure-workmen cheering. 231 144
UN Cornerstone Ceremony (237th Plenary Meeting of G.A. held in front of completed steel structure of U.N. Secretariat) 24 October, 1949.
3. Silent Coverage: Trygvie Lie at Cornerstone-Trygvie Lie addressing Assembly, placing copies of the U.N. Charter and Human Rights Declaration in cornerstone. Audience. Cornerstone lowered. Arrival of President of U.S. Harry Truman. Truman in conversation with New York State Governor Dewey. Presiding stand, spectator. 412 268
4. Sound Coverage:
Arrival of President Truman. Truman shaking hands with various delegates at presiding stand and platform. G.A. President Carlos Romulo (Philippines) opening meeting, addressing Assembly. President Truman addressing Assembly. Delegates, spectators applauding. 710 298
For Reel 2 of Cornerstone cer., see 06-2 (comp. dupe neg. only).
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