Dmytro Kuleba (Ukraine) on Ukraine and Russia - General Assembly Media Stakeout

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18-Jul-2023 00:15:52
Media Stakeout by Dmytro Kuleba, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, on Ukraine and Russia, during his participation in the UN General Assembly: 88th Plenary Meeting, 77th Session 18 July 2023.

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From Mr. Kuleba's remarks:
"The main focus of my address to the Assembly today was the devastating situation for civilians as a result of the Russian aggression against Ukraine. I brought with me a diary of a Ukrainian teenager who lost her father. I said to my colleagues, usually here from this stage we make voices of government heard, but today I wanted voices of Ukrainian children to be heard. . . .And unfortunately, the war in Ukraine is not the only armed conflict waging in the world. I am certain that kids in Africa, and the Middle East and other areas effected by various armed conflicts, they go through the same suffering and the same pain. And by allowing the voices of the Ukrainian children to be heard in the United Nations, we also allow the voices from all children all over the world who suffer from war, to be heard in this room.

We urge the UN to join efforts in returning thousands of Ukrainian children who were forcibly deported or abducted by Russia.

I also highlighted the scale of the problem of civilian disappearances. Russia is also taking civilians into custody and there are thousands of them and you cannot exchange them as prisoners of war and we believe the international community lacks instruments to address this issue. So we initiated the development of such an instrument and we will be working with countries on this."

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