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14-Jun-2023 00:05:52
Briefing by Paulina Kubiak, Spokesperson for the President of the 77th Session of the General Assembly.

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Wednesday, 14 June 2023


General Assembly Member States are today discussing the culture of peace.

In his opening remarks, President Csaba Kőrösi said that the arc of humanity is at an inflection point – and we simply must shift course.

To shift away from confrontation to dialogue, and from force to reason… and to shift away from war to diplomacy and towards full respect for the UN Charter principles we have pledged to uphold.

The President said that whoever thinks that war is a better way to achieve a country’s ambitions than cooperation, has no rightful place in our global community.

The President then calls for a renewed approach to peace that recognizes the epic scale of the challenges at hand.

That means rebuilding trust among Member States, full inclusion of women, and investing in young people – in their education and the fight against racism and intolerance.

And in the UN, it means opening doors to everyone who can meaningfully contribute – including civil society, scientists and experts.

As part of the agenda item, Member States are expected to take action on a draft resolution in support of Culture of Peace.

Among its items, the draft invites Member States to observe the International Day of Peace on 21 September. And we are less than 100 days away from the International Day of Peace.

Following this agenda item, Member States are expected to take action on a draft resolution that would create, within three years, a permanent peacekeeping memorial wall with names of our fallen colleagues.

Full remarks:

Also today, President Kőrösi took part in the forum for building bridges between the East and the West, organized by the UN Alliance of Civilizations and the Muslim World League.

In his remarks, the President spoke about the importance of faith-based organizations to affect human behaviour.

This is particularly relevant because more than two billion people live in conflicts zones. With lives disrupted, jobs unavailable and schools not functioning, anger boils up. And that anger can easily turn against people who are not and should not be the enemy.

The President spoke about hate speech, particularly on social media platforms. And what the UN is doing, such as the co-facilitators that President Kőrösi appointed to lead the intergovernmental process on the Global Digital Compact.

The President delivered his remarks in English and Arabic.

You have a copy in your inbox:


This afternoon, President Kőrösi will hold a fifth informal meeting of the General Committee.

As you know, this Committee includes all the co-facilitators leading the 16 negotiation processes in the General Assembly.

Today’s agenda will focus on UNGA 78 this September, and the programme of the SDG Summit.


Looking to tomorrow…

At 10AM ET, President Kőrösi will participate in a high-level debate on the theme “Equal access to justice for all: advancing reforms for peaceful, just and inclusive societies”.

The opening segment will have speeches by

President Csaba Kőrösi
Ms. Ghada Fathi Waly, Executive Director of UNODC
Ms. Mary Wangui Mugwanja, Permanent Representative of Kenya to the United Nations Office in Vienna and Chair of the 32nd session of the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice
Ms. Allyson Maynard-Gibson QC, Former Attorney-General and Minister for Legal Affairs and Minister of Financial Services and Investment of the Bahamas
There will then be statements by Member States and the Observers.

Starting at 3PM ET, there will be an interactive panel discussion on evidence-based approaches to ensure equal access to justice for all in criminal justice system. That panel will be moderated by the Director of the UNODC NY Office, Ms. Delphine Schantz.

Panelists will include:
Ms. Fatmata Claire Carlton-Hanciles, Executive Director of the Legal Aid Board
Mr. John Nelvin Lucero, Manager of EngageMedia
Prof. Tracie L. Keesee, Member of the Expert Mechanism to Advance Racial Justice and Equality in Law Enforcement
Mr. Erik Arellano, Coalition of Deaf Persons
The opening and high-level segments will take place in the GA Hall, with the afternoon interactive segment in the Trusteeship Council Chamber.


Given the Secretary-General’s press conference, I will not brief. I will email you my highlights.

And we want to say thank you to Belgium, Croatia, Malta, Romania and Sweden.

These Permanent Missions have pledged to complete the UN online trainings on gender equality and the prevention of sexual harassment.

The Spokesperson was asked about a List of Speakers for UNGA78. She said that it is not out yet and she would follow up.
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