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11-Apr-2023 00:03:12
Briefing by Paulina Kubiak, Spokesperson for the President of the 77th Session of the General Assembly.

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President Csaba Kőrösi met with the Bureau of the General Assembly’s Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People today. This was an opportunity to compare notes on recent developments in the Middle East… to discuss ongoing work of the General Assembly related to the rights of the Palestinian people, and upcoming events.

There are three items that I wanted to share with you.

One thing that President Kőrösi said is that he was assigned the Palestinian file some 40 years ago when he worked in the Hungarian Ministry and he can’t believe that 40 years later, he in this room, discussing the lack of progress on this topic.

The second item is related to the UN Water Conference. He said that he went through the Water Action Agenda – and there are only two pledges related to Palestine. Of which only one has concrete steps.

He specifically said that Gaza needs more support for safe drinking water and sanitation.

Of the topics discussed, the third that I wanted to mention to you is about the International Court of Justice advisory opinion. The President said that he expects this to be a long process that will continue past his term, and that whatever the outcome is decided by the ICJ, that he hopes it will include accountability.

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