Economic and Social Council: 21st Plenary Meeting, 2022 Session

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08-Jun-2022 01:18:43
Opening 2022 management segment, Economic and Social Council adopts 6 texts, 11 decisions proposed by its subsidiary bodies.

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Opening its 2022 management segment today, the Economic and Social Council adopted 6 resolutions and 11 decisions pertaining to proposals by its subsidiary bodies.

The Economic and Social Council adopted a resolution, titled “Ensuring that the work in the field of statistics and data is adaptive to the changing statistical and data ecosystem”. By the text, the organ requested the Statistical Commission to support and bolster the development of sustainable national statistical systems, to develop and build the capacity of national systems, to advocate for the professional community of official statistics, and to ensure continued innovations to adapt to the changing statistical and data system.

Turning to the issue of gender mainstreaming, the Economic and Social Council adopted a resolution titled “Future organization and methods of work of the Commission on the Status of Women” by which the Commission was called upon to further enhance its catalytic role for gender mainstreaming in the United Nations system, including in support of the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The Council also adopted a resolution titled “Report of the Committee for Development Policy on its twenty-fourth session” by which the Committee was requested to monitor the development progress of States graduating and graduated from the category of least developed countries, in accordance with paragraph 21 of General Assembly resolution 67/221.

Other resolutions adopted were “Thirtieth anniversary of the fourth World Conference on Women”; “Social dimensions of the New Partnership for Africa’s Development”; and “Inclusive and resilient recovery from COVID-19 for sustainable livelihoods, well-being and dignity for all: eradicating poverty and hunger in all its forms and dimensions to achieve the 2030 Agenda”.

The representatives of India, Bhutan, Chile, Colombia and Italy expressed their views on these resolutions and decisions.

The Economic and Social Council will reconvene at 10 a.m. on Thursday, 9 June, to conclude its management segment.

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