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The number of people forced to flee conflict, violence, human rights violations and persecution has now crossed the staggering milestone of 100 million for the first time on record, propelled by the war in Ukraine and other deadly conflicts. UNHCR

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1.Wide shot, makeshift camp with kids and refugees walking
2. Travel shot, little girl sitting on the floor and woman behind spinning wool in a very rustic tent
3. Travel shot, little boy walking with water containers on a fry land
4. Med shot, kids filling water
5. Wide shot, basic tents with refugees on the floor, mainly children
6. Med shot, girl sitting on the floor
7. Wide shot, boy sitting on the floor looking at the camera
8. Med shot, kids with dirty faces looking at the camera
9. Close up, kids with dirty faces looking at the camera
10. Wide shot, Bebe Qual, Afghan refugee and his children
11. Close up, Bebe Qual’s children’s faces
12. Wide shot, Afghan refugee women waiting in a queue to receive cash assistance
13. Med shot, 2 Afghan refugee women sitting on the floor outside with a baby in hands
14. Wide shot, girl’s students crossing a river
15. Close up, feet of the girl’s students crossing the river
16. Wide shot, three veiled Afghan women walking
17. Close up, Afghan’s girl’s face
18. Med shot, man sitting outside tent
19. Med shot, mother with her 2 kids sitting in the dirty floor outside in the cold
20. Close up, feet of a girl walking with sandals in the mud and snow
21. Wide shot, Afghan refugees outside an house wearing basic clothes while snowing
22. Close up, little girl looking at the camera looking tired in snowing weather

23. Med shot, Syrian refugee women removing snow from the roof of their tents
24. Wide shot, Rafiqa hanging laundry on the roof (Rafiqa Mohamed al-Ahmed. a 37-year-old Syrian returnee woman. she is a mother of six children, one of them passed away while in displacement.
Rafiqa and her family had been forced to flee from Suran city in northern Hama three times during the syria crisis. after moving through 12 houses during her displacement, Rafiqa decided to return to her city of Suran but to find her house destroyed.)
25. Wide shot, Rafiqa giving candies to children from the neighborhood.
26. Med shot, Rafiqa's children smiling to the camera
27. Wide shot, Rafiqa teaching her son in the family bedroom.
28. Close up, Rafiqa’s son writing his homework.
29. Med shot, Hala and her husband Yasser while drinking coffee (35-year-old Syrian refugee Hala describes the downward spiral their lives have taken since fleeing the conflict in their home country and coming to Lebanon 10 years ago), Ghazir, mount Lebanon, 02.2022
30. Close up, Hala and her daughter
31. Close up, Hala’s face
32. Med shot, Hala looking outside from the window
33. Med shot, Ghaith and his father Samer with his brother pushing the vegetable wagon on the street (after his family fled Syria, football-mad Ghaith had to drop out of school in Lebanon to help his family earn enough to get by, before the chance of a new start in Spain.), Beirut, Lebanon, 09.2020
34. Wide shot, family pushing the wagon on the streets, Beirut, Lebanon, 09.2020

35. Close up, kid’s face (Sana’a - Yemen, march 2022)
36. Med shot, 2 boys walking in front of UNHCR tent (Sana’a - Yemen, march 2022)
37. Med shot, kids sitting on a rock on the floor (Lahj - Yemen, march 2022)
38. Wide shot, travelling shot of children running in camp between tents (Ibb – Yemen, November 2020)
39. Med shot, roll focus on children outside (ibb – yemen, november 2020)
40. Wide shot, Mona Hassan, displaced from Taiz, cooking a meal surrounded by children (Ibb – Yemen, November 2020)
41. Med shot, children outside, girl clapping hands and dancing (Ammar bin Yasser camp - Aden - Yemen, November 3, 2020)
42. Med shot, boy kissing his father on forehead (Ammar bin Yasser camp - Aden - Yemen, November 3, 2020)
43. Wide shot, water distribution point Ammar bin Yasser camp, Aden, Yemen (March 1, 2020)
44. Med shot, young boy filling up water jug Ammar bin Yasser camp, Aden, Yemen (March 1, 2020)
45. Wide shot, young girls playfully running through camp Ammar bin Yasser camp, Aden, Yemen (March 1, 2020)
46. Med shot, woman and kids sitting on a basic balcony outside tent (Lahj - Yemen, march 2022)

47. Wide shot, aerial view of Bentiu IDP camp
48. med shot, Asha Rose Sillah, south Sudanese refugee fetching water (Uganda)
49. Close up, tap water filling jerrycan (Uganda)
50. Wide shot, Sillah, south Sudanese refugee, farming (Uganda)
51. Wide shot, buses loaded with luggage and packed on roadside
52. Close up, children’s faces
53. Wide shot, refugees milling around transit camp (Uganda)
54. Med shot, woman receiving non-food items (Uganda)
55. Med shot, woman holding baby inside bus

56. Med shot, Malian refugees sitting on the floor - they left Mali after deadly attacks and threats (Goudoubo camp, Burkina Faso)
57. Wide shot, refugees picking up their belongings
58. Med shot, little girl on a swing crossbar
59. Travel shot, refugees in humanitarian centre in Agadez (Agadez, Niger)
60. Wide shot, aerial of refugee camp (Agadez, Niger)
61. Wide shot, aerial of houses built from brick in settlement
62. Med shot, refugees working, making bricks and storing them
63. Close up, refugee women and kid's faces

64. Wide shot, aerial of Cox’s Bazar camp and refugees
65. Wide shot, refugees walking and carrying big bags inside camp
66. Med shot, flooded streets
67. Wide shot, destroyed house due to flood
68. Med shot, Rohingya volunteers planting trees

69. Med shot, refugees at Zozin-Medyka border point
70. Med shot, refugees crossing border from Ukraine to Poland
71. Med shot, refugees carrying luggage at the border Ukraine-Poland
72. Close up, woman and teenager’s faces waiting to cross border
73. Wide shot, volunteers giving basic supplies to refugees
74. Med shot, woman and dog waiting to board a bus at the Ukraine-Poland border
75. Med shot, little girl carrying a baby at the border Romania–Moldova
76. Wide shot, family boarding a bus at the border Romania–Moldova
77. Med shot, refugees in a bus to Moldova
78. Wide shot, beds aligned in a gymnasium at Zozin-Medyka border point
79. Close up, old lady waiting to receive cash assistance in Poland
80. Wide shot, refugees waiting to receive cash assistance in Poland
81. Med shot, girl drinking hot tea looking at the camera in the cold
82. Med shot, refugees disembarking from a train
83. Med shot, UNHCR staffs giving bus tickets and blankets to refugees
84. Med shot, refugee woman walking with her 2 kids in her arms
85. Close up, refugees waiting to board a bus
86. Close up, volunteer giving biscuits to kids
87. Wide shot, refugee sleeping in a bed
88. Med shot, refugees receive health care in a centre in Poland


The number of people forced to flee conflict, violence, human rights violations and persecution has now crossed the staggering milestone of 100 million for the first time on record, propelled by the war in Ukraine and other deadly conflicts.

“One hundred million is a stark figure -- sobering and alarming in equal measure. It’s a record that should never have been set,” said un high commissioner for refugees, Filippo grand. “This must serve as a wake-up call to resolve and prevent destructive conflicts, end persecution, and address the underlying causes that force innocent people to flee their homes.”

According to new data from UNHCR, the un refugee agency, the number of forcibly displaced people worldwide rose towards 90 million by the end of 2021, propelled by new waves of violence or protracted conflict in countries including Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, Myanmar, Nigeria, Afghanistan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In addition, the war in Ukraine has displaced 8 million within the country this year, and more than 6 million refugee movements from Ukraine have been registered.

At over 1 percent of the global population, the overall figure is equivalent to the 14th most populous country in the world. It includes refugees and asylum seekers as well as the 53.2 million people displaced inside their borders by conflict, according to a recent report from the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC).

“The international response to people fleeing war in Ukraine has been overwhelmingly positive,” he added. “Compassion is alive and we need a similar mobilization for all crises around the world. But ultimately, humanitarian aid is a palliative, not a cure. To reverse this trend, the only answer is peace and stability so that innocent people are not forced to gamble between acute danger at home or precarious flight and exile.”

UNHCR will release its annual global trends report on June 16, outlining a full set of global, regional and national data on forced displacement for 2021, as well as more limited updates to April 2022, and details on returns and solutions.
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