Common Agenda consultation 5: "Enhancing international cooperation"

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11-Mar-2022 02:08:10
The General Assembly concludes its series of informal thematic consultations on the Secretary-General’s "Our Common Agenda" report with the second panel discussion on Cluster 5 - Enhancing international cooperation, with participation of relevant stakeholders, including the private sector, young people, academia and civil society representatives.

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(Part 4/4)
The fifth and last thematic cluster (7-8 March 2022) entitled "Enhancing international cooperation" will primarily cover inter alia proposals in chapters IV and V of the Common Agenda report, including paragraphs 32 (CSW), 102 (High Level Advisory Board), 111 (age, gender, diversity), 112 (governance and funding of development), 114 (recruitment), 117 (Scientific Advisory Board), 123 (UN 2.0) and 124 (UN budget), 126-128 (intergovernmental organs), [129] (funding human rights mechanisms); and 118 (regional organisations), 119 (local and regional governments, parliaments), 120 (private sector engagement and accountability), 121, 122 (civil society) and 130 (engagement of civil society and other stakeholders across intergovernmental organs).

The series of open, inclusive, informal thematic consultations convened by the President of the 76th session of the General Assembly, Abdulla Shahid, seeks to provide the Secretary-General with an opportunity to inform Member States on the thinking regarding the follow-up to the "Our Common Agenda" report, and to allow Member States the opportunity to further consider the various proposals, options and potential means of implementation.
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