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11-Mar-2022 02:15:13
Briefing by Stéphane Dujarric, Spokesperson for the Secretary-General.

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The humanitarian situation in Ukraine continues to be deeply concerning and shows the human cost of this war and the human suffering.

Today, the UN food agencies in Rome issued reports showing the implications of the conflict on food security around the world.

The Security Council held an open meeting on Ukraine.

The Secretary-General said in a statement that we issued early this morning to mark the end of the 11th year of the Syrian conflict and he said that the destruction that Syrians have endured is so extensive and deadly that it has few equals in modern history.

This weekend, the Deputy Secretary-General, Amina Mohammed, will travel to Beirut, Lebanon, to attend the Arab Regional Forum for Sustainable Development.

The first week of bilateral consultations with various Yemeni stakeholders concluded yesterday.

In northern Ethiopia, the humanitarian situation continues to be of extreme concern, as fighting continues in Afar’s Kilbeti Zone and sporadic clashes are reported in Amhara, near the boundary with Tigray.

In Mozambique, Tropical Cyclone Gombe made landfall in Nampula Province today. According to estimates from national authorities, it has the potential to impact more than 584,000 people, almost 700 health centres and over 7,000 schools.

And in Malawi, the UN team there, led by acting Resident Coordinator Shigeki Komatsubara, tells us that it continues to support the Government to contain the recent polio outbreak.

The Secretary-General spoke today by phone with the Foreign Minister of Egypt and the President Designate of COP27, Sameh Shoukry. The Secretary-General offered the support of the UN system to work closely with the COP27 Presidency on key priority areas to deliver ambitious and concrete outcomes, in light of the worsening climate crisis.

Nigeria and Greece have paid their regular budget dues in full.

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