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03-Mar-2022 01:25:33
Briefing by Stephane Dujarric, Spokesperson for the Secretary-General.

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Our colleagues on the ground in Ukraine tell us that the needs in Ukraine are growing and spreading by the hour.

According to the office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, between 4 a.m. on 24 February, when the Russian Federation’s military action against Ukraine started, and midnight on 2 March, local time, our Ukraine Human Rights Office recorded 802 civilian casualties in Ukraine and that’s 249 killed and 553 injured.

The Secretary-General is shocked by the numerous reports of racism, harassment and discrimination that people of different races have been subjected to as they tried to leave Ukraine, as well as in neighbouring countries, as they seek refuge from the conflict.

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, who is currently in the region, said that in just seven days, one million people have now fled Ukraine, uprooted by what he calls a senseless war. And that is about over a little of 2 per cent of the population of the country.

The High Commissioner for Human Rights spoke in Geneva during the urgent debate organized in the Human Rights Council on Ukraine. She said that the Russian Federation’s military attack on Ukraine opened a new and dangerous chapter in world history, noting that the attack is generating massive impact on the human rights of millions of people across Ukraine and that elevated threat levels of nuclear weapons underline the gravity of risks to all of humanity.

The UN Refugee Agency in Moldova received its first humanitarian airlift for refugees fleeing Ukraine.

The Secretary-General this morning took part virtually in the opening session of the fourth Summit of the Caribbean Community and the Central American Integration System, otherwise known as CARICOM-SICA, which is taking place in Belize.

The Deputy Secretary-General, Amina Mohammed, is on her way back to New York this evening after wrapping up her travels to Rwanda.

An update on the humanitarian situation in Ethiopia, where the northern part of the country remains extremely concerning for our humanitarian colleagues.

The Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator in Somalia, Adam Abdelmoula, expressed his concerns about the impact on civilians of recent hostilities in Diinsoor, in South West State.

In a statement issued last night, the Secretary-General expressed his concern at the ongoing situation in Libya, specially reports that the 1 March vote in the Libyan House of Representatives fell short of the expected standards of transparency and procedures and included acts of intimidation prior to the session.   

Moving on to Asia, quick update from Myanmar where in the face of increasing humanitarian needs this year, the World Food Programme is substantially scaling up its assistance with plans to target at least four million people across the country. This is despite immense challenges in security, humanitarian access, funding, and the pandemic.

COVID update from Papua New Guinea, where our team continues to support authorities as the country experiences a fourth wave of transmission.

Today is World Wildlife Day. This year’s theme is "Recovering key species for ecosystem restoration", as a way to draw attention to the conservation status of some of the most critically endangered species.

The World Food Programme in partnership with its Goodwill Ambassador, Abel Tesfaye, better known as “The Weeknd”, is launching a new fund that will direct support to hunger emergencies around the world, with a specific focus on Ethiopia, where an estimated 9.4 million people require urgent humanitarian and food assistance.

And lastly, we wish a very happy birthday – 50th birthday – to our friends at UNEP, the UN Environment Programme.

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