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20-Sep-2021 00:04:57
On Sunday, the UN Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUSCO) conducted a joint escort with the national army of the DRC (FARDC), from Komanda, a city of Ituri province, to the North Kivu province. MONUSCO

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1.Wide shot, trucks waiting for the convoy escort in Komanda locality, from Ituri province to North Kivu province
2. Wide shot, small cars waiting for the same escort
3. Med shot, MONUSCO tanks dedicated for the escort
4. Wide shot, starting of the trip escort form Komanda (Ituri province) to Beni-Butembo and Goma (North Kivu province)
5.Wide shot, MONUSCO Blue helmet ensuring the escort in the tank
6.Wide shot, Civil vehicles escorted
7.Wide shot, Bush
8.Wide shot, civil vehicles escorted
9. Wide shot, MONUSCO helicopter ensuring the security escort from the air
10. Wide shot, escorted civil vehicles convoy has made a stop to wait for other vehicles behind to join the vehicles in the front
11. Wide shot, destroyed village by rebels abandoned by its habitants.
12. Med shot, MONUSCO helicopter in the sky ensuring the security of the convoy
13. Med shot, houses abandoned by villagers because of insecurity in the area
14. Wide shot, looted and burned truck abandoned on the road
15. Wide shot, break in the trip and FARDC pick-up in the middle for the security of the convoy, conjointly with MONUSCO Force
16. Wide shot, a civil truck attacked, looted and burned by ADF rebels, and other small cars haven suffered the same fate, which explains the reason of the joint escort by MONUSCO and national army of the DRC
17. Med shot, arrival point, arrival of other convoy from North Kivu province, escorted by MONUSCO FIB; from this village, MONUSCO FIB will hand over the civil convoy going to Komanda, and vice versa with MONUSCO Force from Komanda with its civil convoy going to North Kivu province.
18. SOUNDBITE (English) Itw of Major Rayhan, from Bangladesh Battalion:
“We have started this convoy from 6th August, and from that, we are escorting regularly, three times every week we are conducting it. Escorting the convoy is a very important job for us, and we have to treat it very seriously to ensure the protection of the civilians and the resources available for the civilians. The challenge is the number of the vehicles was much more previously and securing those vehicles and ensuring the security is a big challenge, but now we are limiting the vehicles to a limited number, so that we can provide the best possible security and even if there is an unfortunate situation, we can protect them with all our friends. Today we escorted 34 vehicles, 28 trucks and six were normal cars and small cars. And there were a number of motorcycles also.”
19. SOUNDBITE (French) Itw Kalwira Boniface, Driver in the escort going from Komanda (Ituri province) to Goma (North Kivu province):
“We are very satisfied; we are really secure. This time, I am not sure if the enemies can attack us since there are a lot of military jeeps, armored cars; we have soldiers guarding us. Let's say after 5, 6 trucks, there is an armored car or a military jeep, this time it's fine. "
20. Wide shot, Some civil vehicles escorted by MONUSCO Force from North Kivu and going to Ituri province
21. Wide shot, new civil vehicle cony going to Ituri and still escorted also by MONUSCO helicopter from the air
22. Wide shot, escort goes in the night.
23. Wide shot, group photo with sick healed Ebola persons
24. Med shot, a lady healed from Ebola and working in the center, taking care of children whose mother are receiving treatment


On Sunday (19 Sep), the UN Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUSCO) conducted a joint escort with the national army of the DRC (FARDC), from Komanda, a city of Ituri province, to the North Kivu province.

This joint escort was initiated due to numerous attacks by ADF rebels on that particular road. On first September 2021 for instance, an attack happened, almost twenty vehicles have been looted and burned by the attackers.

On the road, there were many vehicles looted and burned. Almost all the villages have been looted, burned, and now they are empty because the habitants have fled towards other safe locations.

MONUSCO provides not only its troops on the ground to protect the civilians in the convoy, but it also uses its helicopter to ensure security from the sky.

Due to the number of the civils vehicles waiting for the escort, escorting them in the morning from Komanda to North Kivu border and coming back to Komanda with other civil vehicles from North Kivu province, goes till the night.

For now, the joint escort is provided three times a week.
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