The World Social Report 2021: Reconsidering Rural Development - Press Conference (20 May 2021)

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20-May-2021 00:18:31
Press conference by Mr. Elliot Harris, UN Chief Economist and Assistant Secretary-General for Economic Development, along with Mr. Nazrul Islam, Officer-in-Charge, Development Research Branch, Economic Analysis and Policy Division, UN DESA and Lead Author of the World Social Report 2021; on the World Social Report 2021: Reconsidering Rural Development.

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Improved Internet access and connectivity can do more than urban migration to provide better jobs and higher standards of living for the roughly 3.4 billion people living in rural areas, according to the latest World Social Report, published on Thursday.

The report, titled Reconsidering Rural Development was issued by the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA).

The UN report presents new strategies to ensure rural people are not left behind as the world scales-up action to boost the economy, reduce inequalities and combat climate change.

It promotes an approach known as “In Situ Urbanization”, which calls for improving the lives of rural people where they are, so that they can enjoy the same living standards as city dwellers without incurring the negative impacts of unsustainable urbanization.

The authors further recommend that addressing inequalities must also accompany action to reduce poverty levels, such as new land reform policies, expanded social protection, and abolition of laws that effectively discriminate against rural women, indigenous people and other vulnerable populations.

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