Secretary-General’s Peacebuilding Fund – High-Level Replenishment Conference - Part 1

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26-Jan-2021 03:48:19
The Secretary-General invites all Member States to a high-level Replenishment Conference for the Peacebuilding Fund to mobilize critical support for conflict prevention and peacebuilding against the Fund’s $1.5 billion requirements for the period 2020-24.

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Against the backdrop of a COVID-19 crisis that has exacerbated pre-pandemic challenges and a global ceasefire appeal to combat it, the UN chief called for new peacebuilding funds on Tuesday, promising a “renewed approach to multilateralism and international cooperation”.

“An approach that goes beyond crisis response and boosts long-term investments in prevention and peacebuilding, hand-in-hand with our efforts to deliver the Sustainable Developments Goals (SDGs)”, Secretary-General António Guterres told the High-level Replenishment Conference for the UN Peacebuilding Fund (PBF), which requires $1.5B for 2020-2024.

The “scale of turmoil…requires concerted efforts to ease tensions and prevent further escalation”, explained the top UN official.

He underscored the need for increased support to women and young people “as agents for peace and stewards of inclusive development”, maintaining that without their participation, “neither peace nor prosperity can be sustainable”.

When aligned with both the UN’s and individual national priorities, the PBF and Peacebuilding Commission engagement, “can be invaluable”, according to the Secretary-General.

He gave a first-hand account of how the PBF had helped to stabilize Bambari in the Central African Republic (CAR), including through a combination of cash-for-work, rehabilitation, socio-economic revitalization and support to local peace committees.

In fragile contexts, peacebuilding requires “political courage and leadership” at national and local levels, and “the right support at the right time” from the international community, the UN chief attested.

“We need to take risks for peace…and space to seize opportunities”, he said. “We have a responsibility to bring down the institutional siloes” and join the full range of UN capacities.

“The Peacebuilding Fund aims to do just that”, upheld the top diplomat.

At the close of the conference, the co-chairs issued a Joint Communiqué stating that the General Assembly would convene a High-Level meeting on financing peace during its 76th session.

Until then, the UN bodies, including the Peacebuilding Commission, will work with Member States and others to advance realistic options for sustained and predictable peacebuilding financing.

Including the funds received for 2020, 39 Member States have contributed or pledged over $439 million to the Fund’s 2020-2024 Strategy.

The co-chairs also welcomed the unanimous recognition of the PBF’s role and impact as “a strong sign of multilateral solidarity at a critical moment and a firm vote of confidence in the catalytic role played by the Fund”.

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