Daily Press Briefing by Spokesperson for Secretary-General

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19-Nov-2020 00:23:27
Briefing by Stephane Dujarric, Spokesperson for the Secretary-General.

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The UN continues to be gravely concerned about the safety of civilians in Ethiopia who may be caught up in the conflict and how blocked roads are hindering the delivery of humanitarian aid to those who need it.

This morning, the Secretary-General spoke, in a pre-recorded video message, to the European Council on Foreign Relations.

And also this morning, the Secretary-General spoke at a panel discussion for UN staff on racism in the workplace.

Earlier this week, the UN Mission in the Central African Republic assisted the National Elections Authority in Berberati, in the Mambéré Kadéi Prefecture.

Stephanie Williams, the Acting Special Representative for Libya, spoke to the Security Council by videoconference today.

Turning to Honduras, we, along with our humanitarian partners in the country, have launched a Flash Appeal to respond to the needs of 450,000 people.

The UN Privacy Policy Group today released a Joint Statement on Data Protection and Privacy in the COVID-19 Response.

A new report released by UNICEF today warns of significant and growing consequences for children as the pandemic lurches toward a second year. UNICEF says that while symptoms among infected children remain mild, infections are rising and the longer-term impact on the education, nutrition and well-being of an entire generation of children and young people can be life-altering.

Quick update from our UN country team in Iran and what they are doing to support authorities in their efforts to support vulnerable groups, including refugees and undocumented Afghans: WHO has provided 150 ventilators, 60 real-time PCR machines and more than 200,000 COVID testing kits, among other items. UN agencies have also provided 220 tons of personal protective equipment to different provinces for healthcare workers and vulnerable communities.

Today is World Toilet Day and this year the theme of the Day marks the importance of "Sustainable sanitation and climate change".

Today is World Philosophy Day, which was introduced in 2002 by the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. This year, the Day invites the world to reflect on the meaning of the current pandemic, underlining the need, more than ever before, to resort to philosophical reflection in order to face the multiple crises we are going through.

Tomorrow, there will be no daily noon briefing. At 12:30 pm, the Secretary-General will do a stakeout to preview his participation in this weekend’s G20 summit.

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