United Nations Youth Climate Summit: Part 1

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21-Sep-2019 03:20:27
Opening Session and full morning debates of the United Nations Youth Climate Summit at the UN Headquarters in New York.

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Opening Session and full morning debates of the United Nations Youth Climate Summit at the UN Headquarters in New York. This is the first ever UN Youth Climate Summit with the UN Secretary-General António Guterres serving as a ”keynote listener” to a panel of prominent young climate leaders. The Secretary-General hears and learns directly from four young people who are not only at the frontlines of the climate emergency, but also those who are coming up with new and innovative ways to combat the crisis. The messages of the young leaders will be carried forward to Heads of State at the Climate Action Summit. The Master of Ceremonies, Nadira Angelina Hira, welcomes Jayathma Wickramanayake, UN Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth, as well as the guest speakers Greta Thunberg, Young Climate Activist; Bruno Rodriguez, Young Climate Activist; Wanjuhi Njoroge, Young Climate Activist; and Komal Karishma Kumar, Young Climate Activist. Special guest Makasa Looking Horse, Six Nations Youth Leader who blessed the event with a spiritual ceremony from her ancestors.
Following the opening session, the United Nations Youth Climate Summit continues with the following sessions: Summer of Solutions: Young Entrepreneurs Pitch Competition which calls upon today’s youth to pitch innovative, tech-based solutions to climate challenges. Five finalists across three categories (Climate Information, Circular Economy, and Ethical Fashion) delivered a 2-minute pitches in front of a judging panel of C-suite executives. The winner will be on a panel with the Secretary-General at the opening of the Climate Action Summit. The event was hosted by Max Schorr, CEO, Good/Upworthy and had the following speakers: Edgar Brian Mejia (3D printing using plastic waste); Monika Selina Seyfried (data storage in plant DNA); Anurag Saha Roy (crowdsourcing weather & agriculture data for farmers); Brighton Mabasa (weather app for smallholder farmers); Michelle Han (accountability platform for sustainable fashion). The Judging Panel was composed of Astro Teller, CEO, Google X; Avan Salem, Director, UN Office of Communications and Technology (OICT); Carlos Salle Alonso, Senior Vice President of Energy Policies and Climate Change, Iberdrola; Liz Hartley, Partner, Creator Fund, WeWork; Lucas Joppa, Chief Environmental Officer, Microsoft; Noel Kinder, Chief Sustainability Officer, Nike; and Suzanne DiBianca, Chief Impact Officer, Salesforce.

Youth Take the Mic! where youth leaders from various geographical regions provides examples of actions that they are taking themselves, thus building a real sense of the passion and enthusiasm of young people to help solve a crisis they did not make. The guest speakers are: Yusuf Omar, Hashtag Our Stories; and Penny Tovar, YouTube Influencer.

Nature-based Solutions Led by Young People. We will not achieve the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) without nature-based solutions. Young people are at the helm of this. During this segment, young leaders will launch a powerful call to action that drives forward action on this front. This session is hosted by: Mark Eddo, Journalist and the guest speakers are: Melati Wijsen, Youthtopia; Marina Meliandis, Youth4Nature; Amanda Rodrigues de Carvallo, Youth from UNESCO biosphere; Audrey Azoulay, UNESCO Director General.

United Nations Youth Climate Change Summit Agenda
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