3421st Meeting of Security Council: Situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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02-Sep-1994 00:06:29
The Security Council calls for the full implementation of the Geneva agreement on the release of detainees at the 3421st meeting.

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"The Security Council is deeply disturbed at continuing reports of acts of ethnic cleansing by the Bosnian Serb party in the Bijeljina area. It condemns this practice wherever it occurs and by whomsoever it is committed, and demands its immediate cessation. It further condemns all violations of international humanitarian law in the conflict in the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, for which those who commit them are personally responsible. In this context, it calls for the full implementation of the agreement on the release of detainees contained in the 8 June 1994 Agreement concluded in Geneva. It calls for the early release of all detainees and, to this end, calls for the delegates of the International Committee of the Red Cross to be granted access in particular to all detainees in Lopare and other parts of the Bijeljina area."

"The Security Council reaffirms the importance it attaches to the United Nations Protection Force’s right of freedom of movement throughout the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It notes with dismay that the Bosnian Serb party has not allowed the Special Representative of the Secretary-General to visit Banja Luka, Bijeljina and other areas of concern and strongly urges it to permit such access both to the Special Representative and to 2 Security Council 3421st meeting Forty-ninth year 2 September 1994 UNPROFOR. It also expresses its concern about continuing restrictions on access to Sarajevo, and in particular the closure by the Bosnian Serb party of the routes across the airport opened in cooperation with UNPROFOR following the 17 March 1994 Agreement."

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