3419th Meeting of Security Council: Situation in Burundi

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25-Aug-1994 00:06:24
The Security Council welcomes the ongoing negotiations in Burundi aimed at reaching an early agreement on presidential succession at the 3419th meeting.

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"The Security Council follows closely the current negotiations and deplores the attempts of any party to block progress towards political settlement which is essential for stability in the country and for the prevention of outbreaks of violence."

"The Security Council reaffirms its condemnation of those extremist elements who attempt to undermine the national reconciliation. The Council calls upon all the parties in Burundi to reject any undemocratic or extremist solutions in the settlement of their political differences."

"The Security Council considers that impunity from justice is one of the most serious problems which contributes to the deterioration of the security situation in Burundi. For this reason, it attaches importance to the strengthening of the national judicial system. The Security Council also attaches importance to the deployment in Burundi of civilian observers responsible for monitoring the establishment of a more secure environment."

"The Security Council is alarmed at the extent of the humanitarian crisis in Burundi. It is concerned with recent attacks against foreigners in Burundi, including those involved in humanitarian relief operations and belonging to the diplomatic community. It calls upon the authorities and all parties in Burundi to provide safety and security for all personnel involved in the relief efforts and other international personnel.”

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