3792nd Meeting of Security Council: Situation between Iraq and Kuwait

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21-Jun-1997 00:33:19
Security Council demands that Iraq give inspectors of UN Special Commission immediate and unconditional access to all sites and persons at the 3792nd meeting.

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The Security Council this evening demanded that Iraq give inspection teams of the United Nations Special Commission immediate, unconditional and unrestricted access to all sites, equipment, records and persons they wished to inspect or interview in order to fully discharge their mandate. Acting under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter, the Council unanimously adopted resolution 1115 (1997), expressing its firm intention to impose additional measures on the categories of Iraqi officials responsible for not complying with those demands, unless it is advised otherwise by the Commission's Executive Chairman in his consolidated report due on 11 October. Pending the receipt of the consolidated report of the Commission -- which was set up under resolution 687 (1991) in connection with the disposal of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction -- the Council decided not to conduct its 60-day reviews of sanctions imposed on Iraq until after the report is received. Those reviews would then resume in accordance with resolution 687 (1991). Also by today's resolution, the Council condemned the Iraqi authorities' repeated refusal to allow access to sites designated by the Special Commission, actions that violated four Council resolutions adopted between 1991 to 1996. In the text's preambular part, the Council recalled a letter dated 12 June from the Commission's Executive Chairman (document S/1997/474), which expressed concern that the Iraqi Government had decided to prevent full implementation of the Commission's mandate. In acknowledging their refusal of access to some sites on 10 and 12 June, Iraqi officials had stated that they were doing so on the highest authority. Statements were made by the representatives of the United Kingdom, Egypt, Japan, United States, China and Russian Federation.

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