3783rd Meeting of Security Council: Situation in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

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28-May-1997 00:19:11
Security Council extends mandate of UNPREDEP until 30 November at the 3783rd meeting.

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The Security Council this afternoon extended the mandate of the United Nations Preventive Deployment Force in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (UNPREDEP) for six months until 30 November. It also decided on the start of a two-month phased reduction of the mission's military component by 300 all ranks beginning from 1 October.

By unanimously adopting resolution 1110 (1997), the Council welcomed the redeployment of UNPREDEP in the light of the situation in Albania and encouraged the Secretary-General to continue redeploying the Force. The Council also asked him to review UNPREDEP's composition, deployment, strength and mandate, taking account of the situation in the region, particularly in Albania, in the context of its elections. The Secretary-General was asked to report to the Council by 15 August.

The representative of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Naste Calovski, said UNPREDEP's activities had helped prevent a spill over of the Balkan war towards the south and had also been an important factor in stabilizing the region. But negative developments in the region, particularly in Albania, made the extension of the mandate an obvious necessity. The mission's capacity and abilities should be utilized thoughtfully and effectively and it should continue to act as an important preventive deployment United Nations force in the region, he added. Also making statements were the representatives of the Russian Federation, United States and Japan.

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