3781st Meeting of Security Council: Situation in Sierra Leone

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27-May-1997 00:04:39
Security Council strongly deplores attempt to overthrow democratically elected government in Sierra Leone at the 3781st meeting.

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Presidential Statement Calls For Immediate Restoration of Constitutional Order.

The Security Council this afternoon strongly deplored the attempt to overthrow the democratically elected government in Sierra Leone and called for an immediate restoration of constitutional order there.

Through a statement read out by its President, Park Soo Gil (Republic of Korea), the Council expressed deep concern about the recent military coup d'etat in Sierra Leone, especially when the United Nations was assisting the process of reconciliation there. It underlined the imperative necessity of implementing the Abidjan Peace Agreement which, it said, continues to serve as a viable framework for peace, stability and reconciliation.

The Council strongly condemned the violence which had been inflicted upon both local and expatriate communities, in particular the United Nations and other international personnel serving in the country. Recalling the obligations of all concerned to ensure their protection, it called for an end to the looting of premises and equipment belonging to the United Nations and international aid agencies.

The Council also took note of a communiqué issued yesterday by the Central Organ of the Organization of African Unity Mechanism for Conflict Prevention, Management and Resolution, which unequivocally condemned the coup d'etat and called for the immediate restoration of constitutional order.

Under the Abidjan Agreement, signed by the Government of Sierra Leone and the Revolutionary United Front on 30 November 1996, the parties declared an immediate end to the armed conflict and reaffirmed their commitment to observing the cease-fire. In a 26 January report (document S/1997/80), the Secretary-General described the Agreement as providing a framework for further democratization and equitable social and economic development in Sierra Leone.

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