3775th Meeting of Security Council: Situation in Croatia

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08-May-1997 00:08:02
Security Council urges early formation of newly elected government in Croatia at the 3775th meeting.

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"The Security Council welcomes the letter of the Secretary-General of 29 April 1997 (S/1997/343), which conveys the conclusions of the Transitional Administrator regarding the successful holding of the elections in the region of Eastern Slavonia, Baranja and Western Sirmium in the Republic of Croatia beginning on 13 April 1997, under the direction of the United Nations Transitional Administration for Eastern Slavonia, Baranja and Western Sirmium (UNTAES)."

"The Security Council shares the assessment of the Transitional Administrator that the holding of these elections has been an essential step for further progress in the peaceful reintegration of the region and marks an important milestone for the legitimate representation of the local population in the Croatian constitutional and legal system. It urges early formation of the newly elected bodies of local government and prompt and full implementation of the undertakings contained in the Basic Agreement (S/1995/951, annex) and the letter from the Government of Croatia of 13 January 1997 (S/1997/27, annex), including the establishment of the Joint Council of Municipalities and the appointment of local Serbs to the guaranteed positions in the parliamentary and administrative structures of Croatia."

"The Security Council underlines the Transitional Administrator's finding that no intimidation, violence or electoral improprieties were observed or reported before, during or after the elections. The Council welcomes the good-will and sense of cooperation demonstrated by the parties to the process.”

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