3772nd Meeting of Security Council: Situation in Croatia

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25-Apr-1997 00:05:11
Security Council calls on Croatia and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia to cooperate fully with UN Mission of Observers in Prevlaka at 3772nd meeting.

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"The Security Council calls upon the parties to refrain from provocative actions of all kinds, to cease violations of the demilitarized zone and to cooperate fully with the United Nations military observers."

"The Security Council also notes the observations in the report of the Secretary-General about the lack of any progress towards adopting the practical options proposed to the parties by the United Nations military observers in May 1996, as referred to in the report of the Secretary-General of 31 December 1996 (S/1996/1075), to improve the safety and security of the area. The Council reiterates its call upon both parties to adopt these practical options with a view to their early implementation, to remove land-mines from areas patrolled by the military observers, and to stop their interference with the freedom of movement of the military observers and with the implementation of the mandate of the observers.”

"The Security Council calls upon the Republic of Croatia and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia to resolve the disputed issue of Prevlaka through bilateral negotiations pursuant to the Agreement on Normalization of Relations, signed by them in Belgrade on 23 August 1996, and in the spirit of the Charter of the United Nations and good neighbourly relations.”

"The Security Council emphasizes its confidence in and support for the work of the United Nations military observers. It expresses its appreciation to the military observers and to the Member States who have provided personnel and other forms of support.”

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