3759th Meeting of Security Council: Situation in Angola

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31-Mar-1997 00:03:15
Security Council extends Angola Mission until 16 April, welcoming decision to install new government at the 3759th meeting.

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Resolution 1102 (1997), Adopted Unanimously, Requests Report on the Status of New Government by 14 April.

Welcoming the decision of the Government of Angola to install the Government of Unity and National Reconciliation on 11 April, the Security Council this evening extended the mandate of the United Nations Angola Verification Mission (UNAVEM III) until 16 April and requested the Secretary- General to report by 14 April on the status of the installation of the new Government.

With its unanimous adoption of resolution 1102 (1997), the Council commended the Secretary-General's efforts to move the peace process forward during his recent visit to Angola and called upon the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA) and the Angolan Government to form the new Government by 11 April. That date for formation of the new Government was recently announced by the Joint Commission that monitors the 1994 Lusaka Protocol, a comprehensive peace agreement signed between the Government of Angola and UNITA. The Joint Commission includes the Angolan Government, UNITA, the United Nations and the observer countries of the United States, Russian Federation and Portugal.

By other terms of the draft resolution, the Council welcomed the arrival in Luanda, after considerable delay in the implementation of the provisions of the Lusaka Protocol, of the UNITA deputies and future officials of the new Government, in accordance with subsequent agreements between the two parties.

The Council called upon both parties to remove all remaining obstacles to the peace process and to implement without further delay its remaining military and political aspects, in particular, incorporating UNITA soldiers into the Angolan Armed Forces, demobilization, and normalization of State administration throughout the national territory.

Also by the draft, the Council decided that it remained ready to consider the imposition of measures, including, among others, trade and travel restrictions on UNITA personnel, as stated in paragraph 26 of resolution 864 (1993) of 15 September 1993, if the Government of Unity and National Reconciliation was not installed by 11 April.

The Council's action followed a briefing earlier today by the Secretary- General on the status of the Angolan peace process and the installation of the new Government, particularly his 22 to 25 March visit to Angola and his meetings with Angolan President José Eduardo dos Santos and the leader of UNITA, Jonas Savimbi.

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