3758th Meeting of Security Council: Situation in Albania

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28-Mar-1997 00:09:12
Security Council welcomes establishment of Multinational Protection Force for Albania at 3758th meeting.

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Resolution 1101 (1997) Adopted by a Vote of 14-0-1; Council Also Welcomes Italy's Offer to Organize, Command Force.

Determining that the present crisis in Albania constitutes a threat to international peace and security, the Security Council this evening welcomed the offer by certain Member States to establish a "temporary and limited multinational protection force" to facilitate the safe and prompt delivery of humanitarian assistance and to help create a secure environment for international organizations in Albania.

Adopting resolution 1101 (1997) by a vote of 14 in favour to none against, with 1 abstention (China), the Council welcomed the offer made by Italy to take the lead in organizing and commanding the force. The Council also decided that the operation would be limited to a period of three months and that the cost would be borne by the participating Member States.

Acting under Chapter VII of the Charter, the Council authorized the participating Member States to ensure the security and freedom of movement of the personnel of the multinational protection force.

Taking note of the 27 March decision of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) to provide the coordinating framework within which other international organizations could play a part, the Council also requested the Member States participating in the multinational force to provide periodic reports at least every two weeks, with the first such report to be made not later than 14 days from today. At the end of the stipulated three-month period, the Council will assess the situation on the basis of those reports.

The representative of China made a statement.

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