3757th Meeting of Security Council: Situation in Liberia

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27-Mar-1997 00:58:47
Security Council extends mandate of UNOMIL until 30 June at the 3757th meeting.

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The Security Council this morning extended the mandate of the United Nations Observer Mission in Liberia (UNOMIL) until 30 June and welcomed a series of recommendations by the Secretary-General concerning the role of the Mission in Liberia's electoral process.

The Council took that action by unanimously adopting resolution 1100 (1997). The Secretary-General's recommendations include the following measures: strengthening of UNOMIL's electoral unit, with, among others, recruitment of 200 additional personnel to observe the polling and counting of votes; making provisions for a "quick count"; and assistance by the international community for the repatriation of refugees. He states also that there should be a clear understanding with the Economic Community of West African States' Monitoring Observer Group (ECOMOG) regarding its responsibilities for the protection of international personnel during the electoral process.

Emphasizing that the holding of free and fair elections as scheduled was essential to the peace process, the Council urged the international community to provide financial, logistical and other assistance to the electoral process, including through the Trust Fund for Liberia, and to provide additional support for ECOMOG to enable it to sustain a secure environment for the elections.

The Council also expressed its concern at the delay in the installation of the new independent Elections Commission and the reconstituted Supreme Court, and urged that they be installed immediately. It requested the Secretary-General to keep it informed on a regular basis of the situation in Liberia, and in particular, significant developments in the electoral process and to report on the matter by 20 June.

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