3667th Meeting of Security Council: Situation in Liberia - Part 2

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28-May-1996 02:01:07
Deteriorating situation in Liberia demonstrates faction leaders’ lack of commitment of peace, Security Council told at 3667th meeting.

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Speakers Express Support for Secretary-General's Proposal to Extend the Mandate of UNOMIL for Three Months.

The deteriorating situation in Liberia demonstrated the faction leaders' lack of commitment to peace and jeopardized international support for peace efforts there, speakers said this morning, as the Security Council met to consider the situation in that country. Those leaders were urged to put the need of the Liberian people before their own personal ends, in order to avoid the sort of situation which prevailed in Somalia.

Meeting three days prior to the expiration of the current mandate of the United Nations Observer Mission in Liberia (UNOMIL), Council members expressed support for the proposal to renew UNOMIL's mandate for three months, to enable the parties to demonstrate respect for their agreements under the Abuja accords of August 1995, which were seen as the foundation for a political settlement of the Liberian civil war.

Speakers urged the faction leaders to abide by the conditions for reactivation of the Abuja Agreement, as stated at a 7 May meeting at Accra of the Foreign Ministers of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). Among its provisions, those conditions called on all factions to restore the cease-fire, withdraw from Monrovia and restore its safe haven status, allowing unimpeded deployment there of the Economic Community of West African States' Monitoring Observer Group (ECOMOG).

The Accra meeting also called for ensuring inclusiveness of the National Transitional Government, resumption of the disarmament and demobilization of combatants and a return to the programme for democratization, leading to free and fair elections. It was declared there should be no international recognition for any government which seized power by force.

The United Nations Charter must be amended to ensure that any sub-regional peace-keeping operation sanctioned by the Security Council would be financed by the United Nations, the representative of Liberia said. Such a measure would support the pioneering effort of ECOWAS in the Liberian conflict. It was crucial that efforts be undertaken to strengthen ECOMOG, to enable it to fulfil its mandate under the Abuja Agreement.

The continued flow of weapons to Liberia, despite the Council's arms embargo, was scandalous, the representative of Chile said. The main weapon- producing countries -- many of whom sat at the Council table -- must implement stronger measures to make that arms embargo a reality. He suggested that alternate means of financing ECOMOG might be arranged under the Bretton Woods institutions.

"The time for this Council to act is now, to secure unconditional logistic and financial support for ECOMOG, coupled with humanitarian and development assistance to Liberia, to get the job done", the representative of Ghana said. A solution now would be cheaper in terms of human lives and material resources, than it would be after ECOMOG was compelled to withdraw, as a result of inaction by the international community.

The international community could not yield to despair in the face of the deteriorating situation in Liberia, Algeria said. It had a political and moral responsibility to help end the suffering of the Liberian people. The representative of Guinea-Bissau was among those stressing that all factions must respect the status of humanitarian workers. Egypt said the withdrawal of ECOMOG from Liberia could affect the entire subregion.

Statements were also made by the representatives of the United States, Honduras, Botswana, Republic of Korea, Russian Federation, Italy (for the European Union and associated States), United Kingdom, Germany, France, Poland, Indonesia, China, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

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