74th Plenary Meeting of General Assembly: 51st Session

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05-Dec-1996 01:21:37
Aid sought for Lebanon, three African nations, countries harmed by Council sanctions on Federal Republic of Yugoslavia at 74th plenary meeting of the 51st session.

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Assembly Adopts Five Texts; President, in Statement, Urges Procedures to Allow Current Session to Complete Work on Schedule.

Factions in the Liberian conflict and their leaders were urged by the General Assembly this afternoon to cease all hostilities and disarm their combatants according to the agreed timetable.

By the terms of one of five resolutions adopted this afternoon without votes on assistance to individual countries and regions, the Assembly called upon States and organizations to assist Liberia in meeting the needs of refugees and displaced persons, and in efforts to rehabilitate combatants. The Assembly also emphasized that the Liberian parties must respect the security and safety of United Nations and other humanitarian personnel by ensuring their complete freedom of movement throughout Liberia.

Adopting a resolution on the rehabilitation of Lebanon, the Assembly appealed to Member States and the United Nations to intensify support for the reconstruction and development of that country. Specifically, the Assembly requested that the United Nations support the Lebanese Government in capacity- building and institutional renewal, and in implementing field-based programmes for the rehabilitation and reintegration of displaced persons, and to reconstruct areas such as southern Lebanon.

By the terms of the resolution adopted on assistance to Mozambique, the Assembly requested the Secretary-General to continue efforts to mobilize international assistance for the national reconstruction and development of that country and to ensure coordination of the work of the United Nations in order to respond to its development needs.

By a resolution on assistance to Djibouti, the Assembly appealed to all governments and international financial institutions, and United Nations bodies, to respond as a matter of urgency to the financial and material needs of that country. Also, donor countries were asked to participate in a round table on the rehabilitation of Djibouti.

Adopting a draft on assistance to countries ill-affected by Security Council sanctions against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro), the Assembly reaffirmed the need for continued international response to deal more effectively with the special economic problems faced by those nations in the period following the lifting of sanctions. The Assembly renewed its appeal to all States, on an urgent basis, to provide technical, financial and material assistance to the affected States to mitigate the continuing adverse impact of the sanctions.

During this afternoon's meeting, the Assembly President, Razali Ismail (Malaysia), reviewed the current state of work of the Assembly and its Main Committees. He noted that much work remained to be completed during the eight working days left before the scheduled recess on 17 December, particularly by the plenary and the Fifth Committee (Administration and Budgetary). On the outstanding matter of the appointment of the Secretary-General, he had been informed by the President of the Security Council that the Council's related consideration might extend beyond 17 December.

Also this afternoon, the Assembly concluded its discussion on assistance in mine clearance, hearing statements by the representatives of Nicaragua, Pakistan, Angola, Republic of Korea, Egypt, Iran and Peru.

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