It Can Be Done

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01-Nov-1973 00:28:23
Man Builds, Man Destroys: A major UN series of 30 films dealing with our global environment and what man is doing to it.

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It Can Be Done: This film reflects the grass-roots response to the environmental crisis, the basic theme of the Man Builds, Man Destroys series. It focuses on three environmental problems – excessive noise in Manhattan, mercury poisoning at Minamata, Japan, and spraying DDT in a campaign against gypsy moths in Connecticut – and community-action plans that modified or alleviated these problems. Above all, it stresses the important role of the individual in meeting this challenge.
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United Nations Television, Producer; Masao Yamanouchi, Producer; Joji Ogawa, Director
Don Pringle, Host; Stan Seiller and Tim Tarnay, Camera; Michael Isles and John Jagusiak, Sound; Pat Cook and Larry Paola, Editors; Roy Werner, Sound Mix; For NHK Television: Mitsuharu Fukuda, Camera; Hideo Owashi, Sound; "Catman's got my Tongue" by Koala; "America the Beautiful" by Gary McFarland on Skye Records; Whitney Darrow, Jr., Joseph Farris, Mischa Richter, Carl Rose and Charles Saxon, Drawings © The New Yorker Magazine 1970; Florence Learsy, Production Assistant; Bernarr Cooper, William Hetzer, Special Consultants for the New York State Education Department, The Bureau of Mass Communications; Raymond Jask, Technical Director; Jerry Jennings and Sal Mazzara, Video Tape; Peter Hollander, Executive Producer.
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