58th Plenary Meeting of General Assembly: 51st Session

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14-Nov-1996 00:54:44
Countries are urged to back objectives of peace and cooperation in South Atlantic, avoiding actions that could cause tension at 58th plenary meeting of the 51st session.

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Assembly Also Seeks Stronger Links between United Nations And Islamic Conference; Makes Appointments to Six Financial Bodies.

The General Assembly this morning called upon all States to cooperate in the promotion of the objectives of the Zone of Peace and Cooperation of the South Atlantic. They are also to refrain from any action inconsistent with those objectives and with the United Nations Charter and relevant resolutions of the Organization, particularly action which may create or aggravate situations of tension and potential conflict in the region.

By a recorded vote of 117 in favour to none against, with 1 abstention (United States), the Assembly asked the relevant organizations, organs and bodies of the United Nations system to render all appropriate assistance which States of the Zone may seek.

Under another resolution adopted without a vote, the Assembly asked the United Nations and the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) to continue cooperating in their common search for solutions to global problems. It further urged the United Nations system, especially the lead agencies, to provide increased technical and other forms of assistance to the Conference.

Statements were made by the representatives of Guinea and the Organization of the Islamic Conference. South Africa, Brazil and Nigeria also spoke.

Also this morning -- on the recommendation of the Fifth Committee (Administrative and Budgetary) -- the Assembly appointed members to the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions (ACABQ), the Committee on Contributions, the International Civil Service Commission (ICSC), the Board of Auditors, the Investments Committee, and the United Nations Administrative Tribunal.

For three-year terms of office on the ACABQ beginning 1 January 1997, the Assembly appointed Ammar Amari (Tunisia), Gerard Biraud (France) and Denise Almao (New Zealand), and reappointed Leonid E. Bidny (Russian Federation) and Norma Goicochea Estenoz (Cuba). Mr. Biraud (France) and Ms. Almao (New Zealand) were elected in the Fifth Committee by secret ballot. Those appointed today will join members from the following countries: Barbados, Brazil, China, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mali, Romania, Syria and Tanzania.

Also for three-year terms on the Committee on Contributions beginning 1 January 1997, the Assembly appointed: Iqbal Akhund (Pakistan), Evgueni N. Deineko (Russian Federation), Alvaro Gurgel de Alencar (Brazil), Isabelle Klais (Germany), Ju Kuilin (China), and Ugo Sessi (Italy). Mr. Gurgel de Alencar (Brazil), Ms. Klais (Germany), and Mr. Sessi (Italy) were chosen in the Fifth Committee by secret ballot. The candidates from Brazil and Italy were reappointed.

For four-year terms of office beginning 1 January 1997 on the ICSC, the Assembly appointed Corazon Alma de Leon (Philippines), El Hassane Zahid (Morocco). Alexander Chepourin (Russian Federation), Humayun Kabir (Bangladesh), and Ernest Rusita (Uganda) were reappointed.

The Assembly further appointed the Comptroller and Auditor-General of Ghana to the Board of Auditors for a three-year term commencing 1 July 1997.

For the Investments Committee, the Assembly confirmed the Secretary- General's appointment of Peter Stormonth Darling (United Kingdom) and Fernando G. Chico Pardo (Mexico), and the reappointment of Francine Bovich (United States) and Takeshi Ohta (Japan), for three-year terms of office beginning on 1 January 1997.

For the United Nations Administrative Tribunal, the Assembly appointed Julio Barboza (Argentina) and reappointed Mayer Gabay (Israel) for three-year terms beginning 1 January 1997.

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