45th Plenary Meeting of General Assembly: 51st Session - Part 1

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30-Oct-1996 01:33:10
Norway proposes five new permanent seats on Security Council as General Assembly continues debate on reform efforts at 45th plenary.

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Delegates Differ on Ideas Outlined in Study Group Report; Some Applaud Improvements Already Made in Council's Working Methods.

The lack of agreement among Member States on how best to enlarge the membership of the Security Council was evident this morning during the General Assembly's continuing review of the progress of its working group on the question of equitable representation on and increase in the membership of the Security Council and related matters.

The representative of Norway, speaking for the Nordic countries, said five new permanent seats should be created. In order to reflect political and economic realities, a country from Africa, one from Asia and another from Latin America and the Caribbean would be among new permanent members.

The representative of Ireland said the number of both permanent and non- permanent seats should be increased to enhance the effectiveness of the Council and provide a more equitable geographic representation. In addition to Germany and Japan, Ireland and other countries would be appropriate candidates for new permanent seats based on their economic and political status. Ireland also supported new permanent seats for Africa and Asia, as well as Latin American and Caribbean countries.

While the Republic of Korea supported Council expansion, the representative of that country said care should be taken not to bestow new privileges or irreversible status on a few Member States. His Government supported the expansion of non-permanent Council membership and did not believe that balanced or complete reform required an increase in the number of permanent seats.

While several Member States had expressed their aspirations to become permanent Council members, the representative of Canada said the addition of new permanent seats faced hurdles that could not now be overcome. With that deadlock blocking Council reform, it might be easier to obtain agreement on the expansion of the non-permanent membership.

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