3623rd Meeting of Security Council: Situation in Burundi - Part 1

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29-Jan-1996 01:23:32
Security Council declares its readiness to consider banning arms to Burundi pending Secretary-General's report on situation there at 3623rd meeting.

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The Security Council this afternoon declared its readiness to consider banning the supply of all arms and related matériel to Burundi and imposing restrictions and other measures against those leaders who continued to encourage violence, contingent on the findings of a full report on the situation which the Secretary-General was requested to submit by 20 February.

By unanimously adopting resolution 1040 (1996), the Council also declared its readiness to consider what other steps might need to be taken in response to the situation in Burundi.

The Council welcomed the sending by the Secretary-General of a technical security mission to Burundi to examine ways to improve existing security arrangements for United Nations personnel and premises and the protection of humanitarian operations.

Stressing the importance it attached to the intensification of efforts by the international community to avert a further worsening of the situation, the Council also requested the Secretary-General, in consultation with the Organization of African Unity (OAU) and with Member States concerned, to consider what further preventive steps might be necessary in order to avoid a further deterioration of the situation and to develop contingency plans as appropriate.

Also by the resolution, the Council demanded that all concerned exercise restraint and refrain from acts of violence, and called on them to participate in a positive spirit and to support the efforts of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General and others seeking to facilitate a political dialogue to promote national reconciliation, democracy, security and the rule of law in Burundi. Member States and others concerned were invited to cooperate in the identification of radio stations which invited hatred and acts of violence in Burundi.

The representative of Burundi said that it would be contradictory to threaten an arms embargo while the Government was engaging in superhuman efforts to restore security. To penalize the Government for its determination to prevent outlaws from causing harm was to put the situation on its head and further traumatize those who supported peace. Stating that there was a difference between the situations in Burundi and Rwanda, he said that in Burundi, the Government had acted to thwart the perpetrators of genocide. In Rwanda, he said, the United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda (UNAMIR) had not only witnessed the genocide but had hastened to pack up and leave.

Statements were also made by the representatives of Zaire, Italy, (on behalf of the European Union), Botswana, Egypt, Indonesia, China, Honduras, Republic of Korea, Poland, Guinea-Bissau, United Sates, Germany, Russian Federation, France and the United Kingdom.

The meeting, which was called to order at 3:53 p.m., was adjourned at 5:36 p.m.

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