74th Plenary Meeting of General Assembly: 50th Session - Part 2

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29-Nov-1995 01:21:21
Assassination of Israeli Prime Minister should not slow peace process Chairman of Palestinian Rights Committee tells General Assembly at the 74th plenary meeting of the 50th session.

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The assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin should not lead to setbacks in the Middle East peace process, the Chairman of the Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People said this morning, as the General Assembly heard 14 speakers in taking up the question of Palestine.

The Observer for Palestine stated that the tragic assassination was proof that terrorism had grown in Israel in a conducive climate. The Middle East peace process was facing difficulties because of the racist ideas of extremist parties within Israel.

Israel would never give in to those who wished to return to the days of fear, war and hate, said the representative of Israel. Israel and the Palestinians had been on the road to a just and lasting peace for over two years, and Israel would continue to seek a new era of cooperation and peaceful co-existence among Egypt, Jordan, Israel, the Palestinians and others.

The representative of Saudi Arabia said the Palestinian issue was the axis of any efforts to achieve progress in the Middle East. Violent acts aimed at hampering the peace process were worrisome. So, too, was the continuation of some Israeli practices. Of particular concern were efforts by Israel to change the demography of the Palestinian lands, which was a clear breach of the United Nations resolutions on the Middle East and of the Declaration of Principles.

The representative of Syria said those who attempted to convince the world that peace between Israel and the Palestinians had become a reality were deluding themselves. Israel had been attempting to establish its vested interests through a distorted peace that ignored the Palestinian people's sovereignty and did not accept the principle of land for peace.

Statements were also made by the representatives of Malaysia, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Indonesia, Iran, China, India and Algeria. The Rapporteur of the Palestinian Rights Committee introduced the Committee's report.

The Assembly will meet again at 10 a.m. Thursday, 30 November, to continue its consideration of the question of Palestine.

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