64th Plenary Meeting of General Assembly: 50th Session - Part 1

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17-Nov-1995 01:29:53
Assembly takes up issue of restructuring, revitalization of United Nations in economic, social, related fields at the 64th plenary meeting of the 50th session.

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Addressing the issue of restructuring and revitalization of the United Nations in the economic, social and related fields, the representative of Algeria this morning told the General Assembly that there was a glaring difference in the lack of time devoted to implementation of programmes when compared to the time devoted to harmonization and coordination. Stating that the frenzy of reform for the sake of reform risked the stability of the United Nations development system, he called for a moratorium on reform.

The representative of Pakistan called for a clear acknowledgement of the link between increased resources and enhanced efficiency of the United Nations. "Mere managerial and administrative changes cannot ensure an effective United Nations development machinery", he stressed.

Speaking on behalf of the "Group of 77" developing countries and China, the representative of the Philippines said there was a need for greater interaction between the Bretton Woods institutions and the United Nations at the policy level involving the consideration of measures aimed at promoting more open and transparent internal decision-making mechanisms.

The need for more weight to be accorded to the conclusions of the Economic and Social Council's high-level policy dialogue with the heads of international finance and trade institutions was emphasized by the representative of Spain, on behalf of the European Union. Regarding the question of resource flows and their predictability, he said consideration should be given to new modalities for funding.

Among a detailed set of proposals put forward by the representative of the United States this morning was one calling for shortening the Economic and Social Council's annual substantive session to two weeks, to be held each year in New York. That session could be supplemented by shorter, more frequent special sessions, he added.

"Despite several administrative measures aimed at the restructuring and reshuffling some of the United Nations Secretariat units yet we do not have an efficient secretariat for the Economic and Social Council", said the representative of the Russian Federation. Much needed to be done to meet the substantive requirements of the Council, he said, calling for consideration of the proposal to appoint a special high-level officer in the area of United Nations development activities.

Statements were also made by the representatives of Mexico, Japan, Algeria, India, Australia, Brazil, China and Kenya.

The General Assembly will meet again at 3 p.m. today to continue its consideration of restructuring and revitalization of the United Nations in the economic, social and related fields.

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