110th Plenary Meeting of General Assembly: 50th Session - Part 1

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17-Apr-1996 01:34:42
Good government cited as positive stimulus to progress, as Assembly continues public administration debate at 110th meeting.

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Although it had become fashionable to see government as a problem, "no country has made progress without positive stimulus from good governments", the representative of Guyana said this afternoon, as the General Assembly continued its consideration of the role of public administration in development.

Expressing a similar view, the representative of Egypt said public administration was one of the main means through which governments could respond to the wishes of their people. A number of speakers, including the Deputy Secretary of the Ministry for Finance of Malawi, stressed that government's role was now being redefined in view of the growing role of the private sector.

The representative of Germany was among those stressing that public administration had to be based on the rule of law and democracy, with transparency and accountability to minimize mismanagement and corruption. Citing the effects of the genocide of 1994, the Cabinet Director of the Ministry of Public Service of Rwanda said the ghosts of that tragedy hung over Rwanda like a fog which must be cleared if development issues were to be effectively addressed.

Statements were also made by the Director-General of the State Planning Organization of Turkey, the Adviser on Public Administration to the Prime Minister of Mauritania, and the Government Commissioner for Public Administration of Hungary. Also addressing the Assembly were the representatives of the Kyrgyz Republic, Algeria, Belarus and Malta.

The Assembly will meet again at 10 a.m. tomorrow, 18 April, to continue its consideration of the role of public administration in development.

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