107th Plenary Meeting of General Assembly: 50th Session - Part 1

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16-Apr-1996 01:33:47
Need for reform of public administrative structures transcend boundaries, Assembly told at 107th meeting.

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The need for reform of public administrative structures and systems transcended all economic, national and regional boundaries, speakers stressed this morning, as the General Assembly continued its consideration of the role of public administration in development.

As the Assembly entered the second day of its resumed session on the subject, officials from various regions shared aspects of their national experience in enhancing and streamlining public administration, aimed at making it more responsive to the needs of their people. For many countries, that process was linked with the transition to democracy and a market economy.

The view was stressed that public administration should be adapted, not only to meet economic demands, but to promote the ideals of peace, equity and social justice. For the developing countries, continued international resource flows were seen as complementary to national reform efforts.

Many speakers highlighted the role which the United Nations was uniquely situated to play with respect to the strengthening of public administration for development. In addition to the supportive activities carried out by such agencies as the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the Organization had the capacity to promote the exchange of national data and experiences, through such forums as the current resumed session.

Statements were made by the President-Rector of the Russian Academy for Public Administration of the Russian Federation; Minister for the Civil Service and Administrative Modernization of Burkina Faso; Minister of Federal Administration and Reform of the State of Brazil; Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs of the United Arab Emirates; Secretary of the Economic Relations Division, Ministry of Finance of Bangladesh.

Also: the Secretary of State for the Civil Service of Argentina; Minister for Public Service of Uganda; Permanent Representative of Tunisia; President of the Korea Institute of Public Administration of the Republic of Korea; and National Secretary for Administrative Development of Ecuador.

The Assembly will meet again at 3 p.m. today to continue its consideration of the role of public administration in development.

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