8453rd Security Council Meeting: Situation in Cyprus

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30-Jan-2019 00:16:05
Unanimously adopting Resolution 2453 (2019), Security Council grants six-month mandate extension for United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus at 8453rd meeting.

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The Security Council extended the mandate of the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP) until 31 July 2019 today, unanimously adopting resolution 2453 (2019).

By terms of the resolution, the 15-member Council requested that the Force implement fully the recommendations set forth in the 2017 strategic review of UNFICYP, using existing resources.

Also by the text, the Council called upon the Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot sides, as well as the relevant involved parties, to explore ways by which to establish mechanisms and enhance existing initiatives — with UNFICYP as facilitator through its liaison role — to effectively alleviate tensions and to help address island-wide matters affecting all Cypriots.

The Council expressed regret, by further terms, at the lack of progress towards a settlement since the conclusion of the 2017 Conference on Cyprus, and urged the two sides and all involved participants to seize the important opportunity presented by the consultations of United Nations Consultant Jane Holl Lute on a way forward.

The Council also called upon the sides, specifically the leaders of these communities, and all involved parties, to fully commit to a settlement process under UN auspices, restart negotiations, and avoid any actions that might damage the chances of success.

Following the vote, the Russian Federation’s representative expressed regret that one delegation used this opportunity to advance its own position. Cross-cutting peacekeeping matters should be discussed in the Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations before the Security Council, with the participation of troop- and police-contributing countries, he noted, emphasizing that bypassing that forum is not acceptable.

The United Kingdom’s representative, the penholder on the resolution just adopted, said that he took note of his Russian counterpart’s view, but the text’s language on peacekeeping performance is the exact replica of that used in other resolutions on peacekeeping mandates. He added that his delegation does not accept the view that these matters should go to the Special Committee or that the latter has “veto” power.

Reinforcing that point, the representative of the United States underlined that the primary responsibility to maintain international peace and security rests with the Security Council, and it should not cede that responsibility to the Special Committee, a subsidiary organ of the General Assembly.

China’s representative said the draft’s proponents should carefully accommodate the views of all Council members, whom he urged to maintain unity.

The meeting began at 10:06 a.m. and ended at 10:23 a.m.

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