3784th Meeting of Security Council: Democratic Republic of Congo

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29-May-1997 00:06:08
Security Council expresses support for people of Democratic Republic of Congo as 'new period in their history' begins, at 3784th meeting.

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The Security Council, this evening, expressed its support for the people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo as "they begin a new period in their history", its respect for their legitimate national aspirations to achieve progress to the benefit of all, and opposed any interference in the internal affairs of that country.

Through a statement read out by its President, Park Soo Gil (Republic of Korea), the Council also reiterated in the strongest terms its call for complete cooperation with the United Nations mission investigating reports of massacres, other atrocities and violations of international humanitarian law in the country, including to provide its full and immediate access and to ensure its security. It expressed particular concern over reports that refugees in the east of the country were being systematically killed and called for an immediate end to the violence against refugees.

Further by the statement, the Council, in accordance with the United Nations five-point peace plan, called for the rapid and peaceful settlement of the crisis through dialogue and the convening of an international conference on peace, security, and development in the Great Lakes region of Africa under the auspices of the United Nations and the Organization of African Unity (OAU). It reaffirmed its statement of 30 April calling for rapid agreement on peaceful transitional arrangements leading to the holding of democratic and free elections with the participation of all parties.

The Council also reaffirmed the national sovereignty and the territorial integrity of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and called for the withdrawal of all external forces, including mercenaries.

The five-point peace plan set out in a letter of the Secretary-General dated 18 February was endorsed by the Council in resolution 1097 (1997). It calls for immediate cessation of hostilities; withdrawal of external forces, including mercenaries; respect for the national sovereignty and territorial integrity of the countries of the region; protection and security for all refugees and displaced persons; and rapid and peaceful settlement of the crisis through dialogue.

The meeting began at 6:26 p.m. and adjourned at 6:33 p.m.

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