Our Planet Earth

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01-Jul-1990 00:23:00
In an awestruck manner, seventeen astronauts and cosmonauts from ten countries describe their perceptions of Earth as seen from space.

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In a world of more than five billion people, only about 200 have made the journey into space. These astronauts and cosmonauts represent not only their countries, but all of mankind, and indeed all of life.

From space, life on earth appears to be one tightly integrated and coupled system. On earth, as in space, there are no boundaries; pollution travels freely through the common air that bathes the globe. Seen from space, our destructiveness is as vast as our technology. As continents pass by in minutes, these space explorers have a unique view of both the wonder and horror below.

Seventeen astronauts and cosmonauts from ten countries impress upon us how mysterious and fragile is "OUR PIANET EARTH", our only home.

Produced and directed by Mickey Lemle for the United Nations and the Canadian International Development Agency, with the cooperation of the Association for Space Explorers.Available in English, French and Spanish.

Awards: Grand Prize, EKOFILM, Ostrava, Czechoslovakia
Gold Medal, Houston International Film Festival, Houston, U.S.A.
Golden Eagle at CINE, New York, U.S.A.
Blue Ribbon, American Film and Video Festival, New York, U.S.A.
Mickey Lemle, Producer/Director; , Lemle Pictures, Producer
Paul Klee, Executive Producer. Mary Anne Shannon, Associate Producer; Michael Stremel, Assistant Producer/Director; Carl Comart, Editor; Carman Moore, Music Composer; Edward Marritz, Cameraman; John Zecca, Sound Recordist; Stuart Math, Additional Photography; Mark Mandler, Additional Sound; Ken Hahn, Sound Mixer; Daniel Rishik, Translator; Janet Brockenberry, P.A.; Dani Froelich, Judd Parsons, On Line Editors; Stills Photographs Courtesy NASA; Stock Footage Courtesy NASA; Richard Council, Jack Gilpin, John Setz, Voice Overs; Eric Johnson, Dale Kleps, Paul Jacobs, Carman Moore, Musicians.
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