8149th Security Council Meeting: United Nations Peacekeeping Operations

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SIX OFFICIAL 21-Dec-2017 00:01:07
Security Council presidential statement reaffirms commitment to enhance all stages of conflict prevention, peacebuilding efforts at 8149th meeting.
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The Security Council today reaffirmed its commitment to enhance the effectiveness of the United Nations in addressing conflict at all stages, from prevention and settlement of disputes to post‑conflict peacebuilding, employing a context‑specific response and utilizing the full range of tools available.

In presidential statement S/PRST/2017/27, presented by Koro Bessho (Japan), Council President for December, the 15‑member organ reaffirmed basic principles of the maintenance of international peace and security. Those principles ranged from the primary responsibility of States and national ownership in peacebuilding to the need for clear and achievable mandates for United Nations peace operations.

The Council underscored the need to enhance the overall effectiveness and efficiency of United Nations peacekeeping by improving mission planning, increasing resource pledges — including for niche capabilities — and by reinforcing peacekeeping performance through training. It also underlined the importance of partnership with regional organizations and other relevant United Nations bodies, particularly as the Peacebuilding Commission.

The Council expressed its intention to consider a range of elements that could improve the effectiveness of peace operations, including assessment of mandate implementation to ensure the full delivery of mandated tasks and adaptation of mandates when necessary. It also stressed the need for strategic and integrated analysis of the opportunities, risks and challenges faced by national and local authorities in their efforts to build and sustain peace.

The meeting began at 3:52 p.m. and ended at 3:53 p.m.
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