58th Plenary Meeting of General Assembly 72nd Session

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21-Nov-2017 00:15:16
Adopting Draft on Afghanistan, General Assembly Condemns Targeting Civilians, Urging States to Deny Terrorist Groups Sanctuary at 58th Plenary meeting.

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Concluding a two-day debate on Afghanistan, the General Assembly adopted a draft resolution on the situation in that country today, reiterating its grave concern about the security landscape, condemning all terrorist attacks and noting with great concern the strong nexus between the drug trade and terrorist activities.

By the terms of the draft resolution “The situation in Afghanistan” (document A/72/L.8), tabled since 1980 and introduced on 20 November, the Assembly stressed the need for the Government of Afghanistan and the international community to continue to work together to counter terrorist acts. It also called on Member States to deny terrorist groups any form of sanctuary or support that would endanger the country and regional peace and security.

Delegates reaffirmed their support for an Afghan led and Afghan owned solution to end conflict and build a peaceful, stable future. Representatives of the Maldives, United Kingdom and Norway said more support was needed from the international community to improve Afghanistan’s security situation. That echoed the message dozens of delegates had voiced yesterday. (See Press Release GA/11977 of 20 November.)

During today’s debate, Norway’s representative said the common goal was to stabilize Afghanistan and keep it from being a safe haven for terrorists. He expressed concern that the Taliban was gaining territory. Many nations agreed that continued international military engagement and other types of support were critical, but not sufficient to resolve the conflict. Engagement with the Taliban was also essential.

The representative of the Maldives said that while some major progress had been made, including the election of the first Afghan member to serve on the Human Rights Council, more must be done. Greater economic cooperation from regional countries was crucial to Afghanistan’s development and the safety and security of its people.

“The people of Afghanistan deserve better,” said the United Kingdom’s delegate. He noted Afghanistan’s recent progress, adding that the country now had a democratic Government that had introduced broad social improvements. “L.8” was an important reaffirmation of both the United Kingdom’s and the international community’s continued commitment to stability in Afghanistan.

The Assembly will reconvene at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, 29 November, to consider the question of Palestine and the situation in the Middle East.
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