54th Plenary Meeting of General Assembly 72nd Session

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SIX OFFICIAL 14-Nov-2017 00:42:40
Delegates stress need to strengthen General Assembly’s authority, avoid ‘impractical’ reform proposals, as revitalization debate concludes at 54th Plenary meeting.
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Delegates spotlighted the need to engage fully and equally with all Member States in order to improve the General Assembly’s working methods, authority and transparency, as the 193 member organ concluded its annual debate on the revitalization of its work.

Several delegates underlined the Assembly’s critical role as the most representative body of the United Nations as well as its chief deliberative organ, as the Assembly ended its two day debate. (See Press Release GA/11973of 13 November.)

The Russian Federation’s representative emphasized that any effort to change the Assembly’s work must always consider the views of all Member States. He also cautioned against reform proposals that would ultimately prove impractical or excessively codify existing processes.

South Africa’s representative stressed the need to strengthen the Assembly’s authority, describing the organ as the Organization’s most important forum for participation by marginalized countries.

Elaborating on that point, Guatemala’s delegate said that necessary improvements would include enhancing the exchange of best practices, and developing a more fluid relationship between the Assembly and the Economic and Social Council, which would assist Member States in implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Meanwhile, several delegates highlighted the Assembly’s critical role in addressing the nexus linking peace, security and development, describing it as central in combatting emerging global challenges.

Also speaking today were representatives of Egypt, Slovakia, United States, Croatia and Bangladesh.

The Assembly will reconvene at 10 a.m. on Friday, 17 November, to consider the interactions among the United Nations, national parliaments and the Inter Parliamentary Union.
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