For Everyone, Everywhere: The Making of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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29-Sep-1998 00:55:20
This documentary discusses the history of the development of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and its uses today. Includes archival footage and current interviews with participants who assisted in drafting the declaration.

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Although all too often not always lived up to, the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights sets the standards against which all societies are now measures. "For Everyone Everywhere" shows how human rights became a global issue after millions had perished in the Second World War simply because of their race or religious beliefs. And how an international coalition of diplomats, jurists and intellectuals, led by the charismatic Eleanor Roosevelt, rushed to have the Universal Declaration of Human Rights signed just before the Cold War froze solid. In this documentary special the camera follows Amnesty International's former chief, Thomas Hammarberg, as he treks through Cambodia to free two young women who have been raped by soldiers and we meet villagers in Uganda who are now free enough to reveal the atrocities of Idi Amin's despotic rule. "For Everyone Everywhere" was filmed on four continents and is hosted and narrated by Harrison Ford. Dozens of rare interviews and a treasure of archives, hidden for 50 years, are revealed for the first time. This documentary is a celebration of one of the most noble ideals of humankind.
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Victoria Schultz, Producer/Director/Writer; Michael Winship, Writer; Enzo Bartoccioli, Associate Producer/Editor; Richard Sydenham, Executive Producer; Stephen Whitehouse, Executive in Chrge of Production; United Nations Department of Public Information, Producer.
Al Brown, Ed Loosli and Brian Walshe, UNTV; Harrison Ford, Narrator; Francis Freedland, Camera - Paris; Raymond Grosjean, Camera - Uganda; Peter Wiehl, Camera - Cambodia; Frank Barbian and Emmanuelle Dufour, Sound - Paris; Sok Sin, Sound - Cmabodia; Richard Lipton and Gary Roth, UNTV; Simon Shaheen, Original Music; James Haddad, Percussion; Jamie Lawerence, Piano; Samir Safwat, Keyboards; Simon Shaheen, Violin and Ud; Tomas Ulrich, Cello; Diane Barkley, Production Assistant; Sheila Maniar, Archival Researcher; Romeo Sison and Miguel Gonzalez, UN Film Archives; David Bogoslaw and Na Eng, Interns Magno Sound and Video, Post Production; Alam Winderbaum, On-line Editor; Mark De Simone, Re-Recording Engineer; Mark Negreann, Assistant Editor;
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