How to Save the Earth Programme 4: "Handle with Care"

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ENGLISH 01-Jan-1992 00:26:14
"How to Save the Earth" is a series of six television programmes that go beyond the usual 'doom and gloom' about the state of the Earth today. By concentrating on the life and work of twelve 'green warriors', each programme demonstrates that answers exist to the problems we now face.
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Our post-War obsession with economic growth at all costs has generated many benefits for a small proportion of humankind. But the costs are escalating all the time: to our communities, to the Earth's life-support systems, and to the human spirit. Directly challenging the 'growthist' consensus is an essential responsibility of the modern Environment Movement. Jorunn Eikjok is a researcher at the Nordic Sami Institute in Norway. Since the early 1980's, she has taken an active part in the Sami political and cultural movement. The world first became aware of Lois Gibbs when she spearheaded a campaign in the late 1970's to save her neighbourhood from a leaking chemical dump at Love Canal near Niagara Falls.
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Jonathon Porritt, Writer/Narrator.
UNTV Oystein Hillestad, Sigmund Spath, Camera; Morten Kragstad, Eli Gronstad, Sound; Steve Pickard, Diverse Design, Graphics; Steve Billinger, Titles Design; Steve Marshall, Music; Richard Snape, Online Editor; Bob Jackson, Dubbing Mixer; Brit Faldbakken, Production Manager; Vince Reilly, Kari Daeklin, Editors; Ellen Aanesen, Director; Richard Keefe, Series Producer.
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