Honey, I'm Home

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ENGLISH 11-Mar-1994 00:29:58
Families come in a variety of shapes and sizes. In this documentary we meet four very different families, each functioning as best it can in difficult circumstances.
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In a favela in Rio de Janeiro, Jose and Espedita are responsible for an extended family with over a dozen children, several from previous partners. Determined to provide strong role models in dangerous surroundings, Jose says, "We three, me, my woman and my mother, we're a mirror for these children. And if they look into that mirror, they will have an image of their future."

Robert lives on the outskirts of Manila with his four children. Life was so hard that his wife was forced to look for work in Malaysia. "If only we weren't so poor I would not have allowed her to leave in the first place." Robert says, "Now I'm a Tay Nay, a father-mother."

In Northern Afghanistan, a refugee family have come from neighboring Tajikistan, orphaned by a bitter civil war. The children are now looked after by the oldest married sister, Tilah. "It's hard when there is no mother. My husband, God bless him, says it's our duty, we have to look after them."

Koren is a single mother, struggling to get a hairdressing business started and trying to provide a loving home in England for her two children. Koren's definition of an ideal family is one that's happy..."Not necessarily with a mum and dad, but a happy understanding family. Fun - you've got to have a lot of laughter in the house."
Bruno Sorrentino, Producer/Director
UNTV; Elspeth MacDougall, Executive Producer; Robery Lamb, Executive Producer; Clare Palmer, Editor; Graham Whitlock, Editor; Angela Neustatter, Script; Marc de Beaufort, Jeremy Cajuat, Cynthia Linnell, Mae Quesada, Production Team; Brian Sewell, Bruno Sorrentino, Yam Laranas, John Davey, Wayne Derrick, Camera; Nolet Clemente, Marc van der Willigen, Phil Robertson, Sound; Trevor Barber, Dubbing Mixer; Philip Chambon, Original Music; Jonathan B Skilton, Assistant Film Editor
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