Women at the United Nations 1945 to 1995 Part 1

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24-Oct-1945 00:47:06
Throughout history, women have made significant contributions to their societies. This compilation explores women at the United Nations from 1945-1995.

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The promotion of women‘s issues at the United Nations began with the charter in 1945. The United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) was established the following year. Conventions on women’s political rights and on the nationality of married women were ratified in the 50’s.

Archive footage of San Francisco bridge and city; signing of the United Nations Charter; delegates at a meeting of the Commission on the Status of Women; Australian delegate on the equality clause in the Charter; exteriors Central Hall, London, international flags, English policemen; interior; Eleanor Roosevelt greets delegates; Eleanor Roosevelt reads "Open Letter to Women of the World"; c/u delegates including King Faisal of Saudi Arabia.

C/u of delegates at the Commission on the Status of Women meeting; United Kingdom delegate on political and educational rights; Indian delegate (Vice-Chairman) on social injustice; Turkish delegate on educational rights; Lebanese delegate (Rapporteur) on lack of women's rights in Lebanon; United States delegate on voting rights; Mexican delegate on voting rights and political rights; Chinese delegate on political and voting rights.

Chairman Mo Bernardino (Dominican Republic) with gavel; women and men delegates signing the Convention on Women's Political Rights in 1953.

Archive footage of United Nations world conferences on women. Women delegates signing the United Nations Convention at the 2nd World Conference on Women, Copenhagen, 1980; Helvi Sipila and Lucille Mair greet delegates at podium. Helvi Sipila on the adoption of the United Nations Convention in 1979. US delegate on Equal Rights Amendment; Imelda Marcos announces Philippines will sign the Convention; c/u audience.

The 1st world conference women convened in Mexico City. Welcome banners outside conference site; Mexican women entering site; Secretary General Waldheim declares open the International Women’s Year; Helvi Sipila, addresses conference; NGO reps sifting through pamphlets; NGO reps mingling; statement by head of United Women of Tribune; Betty Friedan on women of the Tribune being united; hunger strike outside conference site to "Help suffering Ukrainian women in USSR prisons"; Tribune sign; c/u delegates in conference hall; highlights of various delegates’ statements; c/u Mother Theresa; delegates voting; President announces result of vote on whether to include the word "Zionism" in text; Israeli delegate expresses regret at this inclusion; voting; President announces adoption of World Plan of Action; delegates applaud.

The 2nd world conference women convened in Copenhagen. Sculpture of Little Maiden, Copenhagen; w/s centre of Copenhagen; women’s logo; Bella Centre exteriors/interiors; participants in hall; Secretary General Waldheim opens conference; statement of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark; Lucille Mair statement; women's peace demonstration on conference site; women carry banner into conference hall; highlights of various delegates, statements in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Spanish, Russian; Arab delegates walk out as Israeli delegate begins statement; Leticia Shahani conducts vote; voting; Conference Officer announces final results of vote and adoption of Programme of Action; delegates applaud; Lucille Mair concludes.

The 3rd world conference women convened in Nairobi. Exteriors conference site, Nairobi; women dancing; delegates entering site; conference sign; guests; Secretary General de Cuellar opens conference; Daniel Arap Moi statement; Margaret Kenyatta walks to podium; her statement; Leticia Shahani statement; highlights of various delegates’ statements in French, English, Spanish, Russian; Arabic; c/u audience; Leticia Shahani pays tribute to women; officials at podium stand during national anthem and walk down; delegates applaud; exterior of conference site with NGO women on the grounds; 3 vox pops on results of conference; women dancing and holding sign "Soweto Village Women: self-help traditional dancers”.
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