7532nd Security Council Meeting on Sudan and South Sudan

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09-Oct-2015 00:33:51
7532nd Security Council Meeting on Sudan and South Sudan.

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Extending for two months the mandate of the United Nations Mission in the Republic of South Sudan (UNMISS), the Security Council urged the parties to implement a recent peace deal and adjusting the operation’s activities, requesting the Secretary-General to prioritize the deployment if unarmed unmanned aerial systems and to make available technical assistance for setting up a hybrid court as called for in the peace agreement.

By a vote of 13 in favour to none against with two abstentions (Russia and Venezuela), the Council adopted a resolution extending the Mission’s mandate until 15 December 2015. It acknowledged that the Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan to resolve the nearly two-year conflict, signed in August, was the first step in reversing the “difficult” political and economic situation, as well as a humanitarian and security “catastrophe.”

The Council also expressed its intention to consider taking all necessary measures against those “whose actions jeopardize peace, stability and security in South Sudan.” In the preamble to the resolution, it insists that those guilty of such acts or entities may be subject to “targeted sanctions.”

Through the text, the Council made a series of requests to the Secretary-General, among them, to prioritize the complete deployment of UNMISS personnel to the authorized military and police strength, including tactical military helicopters and unarmed unmanned aerial systems.

It also requested the Secretary-General to conduct a mandate review within 45 days, and to provide both an assessment and recommendations for “necessary civilian and force structure capabilities” for UNMISS deployment.

In addition, the Council requested the Secretary-General to make available technical assistance to implement Chapter V of the Agreement — including in the setting up of the hybrid court for South Sudan — to the Commission of the African Union and to the Transitional Government of National Unity. In addition, it requested him to report to within six months on such assistance, and similarly, invited the African Union to share information, expressing its intention to assess the work accomplished.

More generally, the Council demanded that the Government of South Sudan comply “fully and without delay” with the Status of Forces Agreement with UNMISS, and that all parties allow the rapid, safe and unhindered access of relief personnel and delivery of humanitarian assistance, and immediately cease from violence.
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